Some of Us Even Died (Carson)

Getting back to my car took longer, it seemed, than it had to get away from it.  At least with Seattle, I had someone to pass the time with; but now, it was different.  It was just a lonely walk through a sound neighborhood.

I never even noticed the small journey to the motel I was staying at.  Once alone in my room, I dug out a yellow folder from under the mattress. It was filled with notes and documents --- over stuffed, really.

I spent an hour studying them, calculating, and solving each clue contained within the folder.  When I decided I was done, I found myself no closer to finding her than I was last night.

Who could she be? I wondered.

I thought back to the day the wall was blown to bits, freeing hundreds of us held prisoner at the Facility.  I remember the sound of an explosion, the sudden attack of light and dust and rubble, and seeing the first runner.  At the time, she was blond, she was slim and slender, and her hair was cropped short.  I could tell she was the one who led the escape.  I don't know how she did it, but many of us are forever indebted to her. 

I recall quickly fighting off the man who had a firm grip on my forearm and joining her.  Ranks of us fled, fleeing swiftly, trying to get away before the shock wore off and the Silver Liners recovered and came for us.

Many of us were able to escape, most of us were not, and some of us were able to get out, only to be caught again.  A few of us even died.  I was one of the many, and so was the first runner.  I've been trying to find her since.  I had almost been able to catch up with her, but she shifted into a bird and flew away.  I remember being envious, that she was skilled enough to shift into a natural object.

Not many Shifters can.  Either they can do it effortlessly, or it takes them a long time to figure it out, and it's not always perfect or pretty, or they just can't do it at all.  I've almost mastered turning into a hawk, but I'm no where near as skilled as she was.

She had turned herself into a snowy owl, and I've been on the look out for she  and/or the owl ever since.

I've been able to track her trail, but she's grown more careful in the recent months.  No doubt to keep the Silver Liners off her track.  They found her last in Southern California, and I don't think she realizes it, but she had help with her escape.  Sadly, she was too quick in the getaway, and I wasn't able to join her.

I've been trying to find her to first of all, thank her.  Secondly, I needed her help.

I put the folder back under the mattress and flopped down onto the bed, ruffling up the sheets.  I felt like I'd been awake for centuries without rest, and after closing my eyes, I found myself napping.

The End

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