Time and Hassle (Seattle)

"Why couldn't we be?" He asked.  The question hung in the air, breeding and growing into a plague that infected my heart.

The question caught me off guard, because I had been expecting him to simply walk away.  Anyone else would have. I would have.  But still, he stood there.  He looked me full in the eye, silent and patient.  I started to feel guilty, and almost explained to him just why we couldn't.  But I stopped myself, mentally slapping myself across the face.

His blue eyes were full of honest question, and he still waited patiently.  My gentle side felt sorry, and I knew I had to give him some sort of explanation.  I just couldn't figure out what to say.

So I thought carefully, choosing my words with caution.  But I guess he got tired of waiting, because he interrupted my process, saying,

"Fine.  We don't have to be friends.  But at least let me give you a ride home; you're head still probably hurts, and you should really get some rest."

He was right, I noticed.  The pain had gone down imensely, but there was still a dull, aching throb.

Then the realization of what he asked me hit home.  My hideout.  If he knew where that was, and the Silver Liners came, he more than likely wouldn't be able to withstand them.  He wouldn't even know how dangerous they are to know that he should try to resist them.  They'd find me in a matter of minutes, if they knew where to look.

"No, that's okay," I replied quickly.  "I'd rather sit through class then go home right now."

"I don't think that's a smart ideal, Seattle.  You really should get some rest.  If you live right here in town, the ride will be a short one, and then you can lay down in your own bed.  I really don't think you should try to refuse me, because I won't back off until you agree.  So you may as well save us both the time and hassle, and just let me drive you home.  You don't have to say a word to me in the car, except to tell me where to go.  And then, I give you my word, I will do my best to let you alone."

I thought about what he said, saving us both the time and hassle.  Could he really be so relentless?  I sighed reluctantly, and told him fine.

I had no idea what I would do to prevent him from knowing where I'm really staying.  If I were smart, I'd get out of town tonight and move on.  But I really do love it here, and it would be hard to let go.

I could easily tell myself that I'd come back someday, and just as easily believe myself.  But I knew too well that there may never be any someday for me.  I could be captured tomorrow, and that could easily be the end of me.  Or, it would if David didn't hold a grudge. 

But David did hold a grudge, and so he would want to keep me for a while as a prisoner, make me suffer as I don't doubt I made him suffer a year ago.  An eye for an eye, so to speak.  But in behaving this way, he makes it quite easy to escape.

"Okay. Come on."  Carson pointed over his shoulder with his thumb to the doors that we were conveniently stationed in front of.  I hadn't noticed them until now.

My carelessness at being so inattentive was beginning to seriously frighten me.

The End

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