Off Guard (Carson)

"Don't touch me!" Seattle shouted, pushing me away from her.  I was taken aback-- no skinny girl the likes of Seattle could push me around that way unless they worked out.  Seattle didn't look like she worked out.

Unconsciously, I noticed then that something wasn't quite normal with her.  However, it didn't click until much later.

"Are you okay?" I asked.  "How's your head?"  I realized then that her migraine had been  my fault.  Out of my anger, I sent my will to her with the most power I've ever used.  It took a lot to deny that kind of power.  I've never heard of anyone who could resist the normal flow of power, let alone one as powerful as that...

I felt terrible after this realization, and I felt as though I needed to make it up to her.

"Just leave me alone," she replied with a sad and venomous edge to her voice.

"You know, Seattle, I just don't get you.  Last hour it seemed as if you were a friend, and now it's like you're someone else.  One minute you're letting me in, and then the next you're kicking me out again.  Are you bipolar or something?" I shouted without meaning to.  "I'm sorry," I continued softer.

"I just would like an explanation."

"And why?  Why do you need an explanation?  Why does it even matter to you? We just met a few hours ago.  We're not friends."  she replied viciously.

"Why couldn't we be?" I asked quietly.  My question disarmed her, catching her off guard.

The End

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