Minute of Silence (Carson)

As Mr. Mintz dismissed us, I watched as Seattle pushed through the kids to get out.  I got a distant prick in my mind, something telling me she rushed out of the room because she didn't want me to stop her.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I sent a forceful command to her, demanding with a mental shout that she stop, turn around, come back, and allow me to talk to her.  It was as if this feeling I had came from someone else.  I wasn't myself, but I didn't notice this intrusion until much later.

Seattle didn't turn back, and I grew angrier.  I left the room last and entered the hallway.  Kids were filing into their classrooms, and I went three doors down to my last class.

The bell rang, commencing class, and Seattle came in a minute after.  Mrs. Rogarcht never even noticed, which I thought was lucky break for Seattle.

She looked as if she were afflicted in some way, but I decided that if she didn't want anything to do with me, I'd make it easier for her.  I ignored her as she ignored me. 

I had calmed down a little since the mental outburst, but part of me was still angry.

Mrs. Rogarcht had started class with a question and called on Seattle to answer.  After a minute of silence, she realized that Seattle sat with her cheek resting on the cool desk top, eyes closed as if she were trying to ignore an aching headache.

Seattle replied with a quiet grunt to Mrs. Rogarcht's outspoken concern.  Her wrinkles stood out more, and her bright blue orb-like eyes were clouded with quiet fear.

"Will someone take her to the office?"

I was already standing and putting her arm around my neck to support her, and like this we left the room.

The End

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