Next to the Window (Carson)

Seattle buried her face in her hands, and I wondered if I'd said something to upset her.  Knowing my luck, that was the case.  Her body was rigid.

"Are you okay?  I'm sorry if I said something wrong,"  I whispered gently.  I was frustrated with myself for sticking my foot in my mouth.  It seemed to be a frequent occurrence lately.

The bell rang and Seattle was the first person to leave the room.  From the brief glimpse I got of her face, she didn't appear to be crying, so I must not have been too imploring.

I gathered my things and retreated from the room.  I thanked my lucky stars that I didn't have to walk too far to reach my next class.  It was across the hall, five doors down to the right.

I caught a brief flash of what looked like Seattle ducking into the very room I was headed towards.  Something she'd said earlier flittered into my mind, and I remembered her saying something about having the next two classes together. So far, she seemed to be right.  But how could she have known?  Was it really just pure luck?

I followed her into the room and walked up to Mr. Mintz, one of the English teachers. 

"Hi, I'm the new student. My name is Car-"

"I know who you are, Mr. Brown.  Here's a copy of Hamlet, try to catch up.  Just choose a seat anywhere, I don't have assigned seats,"  Mr. Mintz answered the questions I hadn't planned on asking before I could finish my introduction.

I nodded and took a seat next to the window.  Seattle sat to my right again.

"You're not following me, are you?"  She asked.  She sounded irritated.  I didn't get her; one moment she was mean and cold, the next on the brink of a breakdown, and then she was back to being mean.  I don't think I could have figured her out if someone had drawn me a map.


The End

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