Play the Part (Carson)

Drenched in milk, I watched as the girl stormed out of the cafeteria.  I noticed that almost nobody in the room was talking.

Cody came up to me with a sort of "I tried to warn you" look.

"Hey man, what was that about?" He scanned the area for a dry seat and found one two seats away from mine. He sat down.

"I'm not really sure. I asked her a question and she got furious."  I tried to explain it best as I could without actually lying, but without giving away the full reason as well.

"It doesn't surprise me. Seattle's not exactly a people-person.  I'm impressed she even let you sit here.  She won't let anyone in.  I don't hold it against her though.  Everyone has their reasons." he explained.

"yeah. Still, if hse doesn't want to talk, she could say so nicely."  Cody merely shrugged.

"There's a bathroom right around the corner if you want to get cleaned up."  He motioned with his thumb towards the door.  I nodded my thanks and stood up to leave as the custodian arrived with a mop in hand.

Once in the Athletic Lobby, I looked around for the restroom, finding it to my left. The sinks were right next to the door, but much to my disappointment, there weren't any hand towels. Only the automatic dryers. It was better than nothing, though, and I took of my shirt.

I heard someone muttering, and barely recognized the voice. It was the girl from the table, Seattle. She was standing at the sink in the girls room washing off the sleeves of her green shirt.  I could only catch a fraction of what she said.

"Stupid...  Why couldn't he just..."  She said some other things, but I couldn't here her. 

My dryer shut itself off, and she looked up, glaring.  Just out of spite, I waved to her.  She didn't look amused.

She had long brown hair almost to her waist.  She was about 5'2", with muddy green eyes.  She had a round face, a full bottom lip, and her nose was small.  Her jeans were light colored and ripped out at the knees. They clung to her thighs, but got wider just above her knee cap.

"Your shirt's not dry yet," she said looking at my hands.

"Right," I said with a smirk. I went back to drying my shirt, and she left the bathroom.

When I was done I came out to find a hundred kids fleeing the cafeteria and heading towards their next classes.  I pulled my schedule out of my back pocket, even though I'd memorized it, and searched for my next class.  I figured it's safer to actually play the part.  I then joined the herd, so to speak.

The End

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