Chapter Two: Devil's CornerMature

 “Well I’ll give you this, Cameron, she’s one sexy beast.”

There was the sound of a clenched fist on bicep and a small yelp of surprise.

“Seriously Gibson, quit it with the whole one-track mind thing.” There was a sigh of exasperation. “I cannot wait until you’re mated and you stop being such a horny bastard. 500 years of it is plenty enough now.”

The first voice became teasing. “Ooh, Cameron has the hots for the mysterious wolfswan. Is that why you dragged her here from the bayou?”

“She would have died otherwise; there was a demon after her.” This was a defensive mutter.

“All the more reason to leave her in the bayou? Don’t you think we have enough problems with Avistor threatening to take our licence without you giving Maman a fit over this?”

The she-wolf stirred, the words coming to her through a slowly thinning fog of pain and exhaustion. From their conversation, she guessed that she was being housed in one of the Shifter sanctuaries, presumably near to the bayou. She assumed that the two guys she could hear were some of the pack who ran this place. This meant that she was with wolves, considering that had they been any other kind of Shifter, they would have treated her with a lot more hostility than she was sensing. Plus, there would have been no chance of an attraction between a wolf and another species. Between the cats was one thing, but a wolf only mated with wolves.

Beyond the brothers bantering, she could hear the sounds of a pub or club in full swing. A shout rose above the rest of the noises.

“At Devil’s Corner, you come in peace or leave in pieces. Got it?!”

There was the sound of a heavy impact on pavement and a slamming door. Devil’s Corner, New Orleans. The infamous Shifter sanctuary since it seemed to attract the most trouble. Most people put it down to the voodoo priesthoods and bayou madness that seemed to attract the hosts of supernaturals that seemed to want to cause havoc.

There was a sigh from one of the brothers. The quieter one muttered to his brother.

“You’d better see that Tyler gets back to the kitchen, before he kills anyone.”

There was a muttered retort and the sounds of someone leaving the room.

“It’s safe to open your eyes now.” The gentle voice sounded amused as he directed his words at her.

The she-wolf opened her eyes cautiously, shifting into the form of a young woman of around 20, slender but muscular with piercing blue eyes and dark red-black hair, the colour of black cherries. At the same time, she manifested a pair of black skinny jeans and matching tank top that showed off her figure.

The man in front of her gave a noise of appreciation. “Well you’re certainly a Shifter and not some stray wolf. That’s a relief.” His brilliant green eyes regarded her with cautious warmth, his handsome face framed by messy dark hair that threatened to spill into his eyes. His mouth, sensuously sculpted, held traces of a devilish smile.

“My name’s Cameron.” His voice was low and soothing, sending warm shivers through her. “How are you doing?”

“Better, thank you.” Her voice was gentle, with traces of a French accent, like an exotic flute to his more bass tones.

“Glad to hear it…?” He left the comment hanging, clearly asking for her name. She mentally flicked through her many identities, knowing that her true name had to be concealed at all costs.

“Melodie.” She gave a small smile.

“It suits you.” He gave her another warm smile as she allowed him to help her to her feet.

Suddenly, the door opened. Melodie dropped Cameron’s hand like it was red-hot. He threw her a strangely wounded look before turning a furious glare on his brother for barging in.

His brother was powerfully built, with similar features to Cameron. His hair fell into his eyes, a dark blonde, coupled with killer baby blue eyes that Melodie felt held more mischief than his smile. Instinctively, she knew that he knew all of the women around here. Intimately.

“What do you want, Gibson?” Cameron growled. He was not as obviously powerful as his brother, but Melodie could see that he was muscular enough that a fight between them would be bloody.

“Maman said that you’re needed back in the bar and to bring the wolfswan once she’s awake. Which, I can see would be now.” Gibson replied, turning to Melodie.

“Gibson, like the guitar.” He gave her a grin that made his appreciation for her form clear. “And what would your name be chère?”

“Melodie.” Her reply was confident and clearly made her disinterest clear. Yes, he was attractive, but he acted like a male pig.

Cameron growled something unintelligible and turned to Melodie.

“I apologise for my brother. He seems to have only one brain cell and it seemed to have migrated from his head to another part of his anatomy.”

Melodie laughed a little. “I’ll take pity on him then.”

Both Melodie and Cameron laughed at the expression on Gibson’s face.

“I think you’ll fit right in here, if you decide to stay.”

Cameron’s words warmed her as she followed them up from the basement room, to the bar. She hoped that she would have the opportunity to stay, she thought, lightly touching her arm where the demon had wounded her. She didn’t want to bring a horde of First Class demons on the first people she had felt comfortable with in decades. 

The End

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