Messing up

"What?! Wait what?!" Annora ran to catch up with me. I wasn't sure what to say now, so I decided to come out with the truth, most of it anyway.

"The Shadow Shifter, the one they caught, he knew my name, he knew stuff about me. He's my stalker." Annora stared at me, blinking, I could see the cat part of her bristling with nerve.

"What? Your stalker... is a killer?" She asks incredulously. "Oh my God Aria, you have to tell someone!"

"No!" I shout a little too loudly, I lower my voice. "No, you can't, promise me. He's locked up now anyway. Promise you won't tell anyone, not even Leo." She eyed me, but sighed.

"Okay I promise, but only because he's locked up. Hey, how did you talk to him anyway?" Oh crap, I hadn't thought about answering that.

"Umm, I was in the police station, and someone told me there was a guy asking for me by name." I lied for the second time that morning. She seemed not to buy it fully, but didn't question me.

"Well, if anything else happens, especially stalkery things, then-"

"What stalker things?" We jumped round, to see Isaac coming over. Damn it, he couldn't know, he'd freak out saying I was unprotected and stuff.

"Don't tell him anything." I murmured to Annora. Turning to Isaac, I said, "Nothing, just, hypothetical thinking." I managed a smile. He looked at me, before shrugging and walking past, towards where some of the other second years were grouped. 

I watched him go, I could practically feel something bad radiating off him. "What's up with him?" 

"He knows you're withholding stuff, the stalker stuff I guess." Annora muttered. She seemed convinced that I wasn't holding back anything more from her, and I felt another pang of guilt.

"Uh, yeah. I think I'm going to have to-" I stopped, there by the trees at the edge of the grounds was Jax. I was sure it was him even though he was a way away. He was staring straight at me, but when I looked at him he melted backwards, disappearing into the trees. "I have have to go. Be right back." I burbled to Annora, before setting off at a run towards the trees. 
She called my name, but I didn't stop.

The End

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