"What is with you today?" Annora asked, nudging me. 

"Huh? What?" I jumped, looking at her.  "Sorry, spaced out. What were you saying." She shook her head at me, like some old lady telling off her grandchild.

"You're acting weird today, is anything up?" I wanted to tell her, but I couldn't bring myself to. Jax wasn't at school. Or if he was, he hadn't shown it, he was clearly avoiding me. 

Obviously I didn't blame him. Looking back, I'd acted exactly the wrong way. Jumped to conclusions and all that. Anyway, it turned out it wasn't Jax doing the killings. The man seemed to know him though... But that was another thing I wanted to talk to Jax about. The same went for my Okan, I hadn't shifted since that unbearably close call with my mother, but I felt unstable, and was paranoid all the time about shifting at school.

"No, I'm fine, Mum's been making me catch up on work and stuff during the time school was shut. So I'm pretty tired. " I lied through my teeth, well almost, I was tired, but that was my paranoia about the man and Jax and shifting and all. 

Annora looked kind of hurt, I think she could tell I was withholding something. I decided to be tactful, instead of directly telling her my current situations. 

"Annora, what would you do if you had... like, a stalker or something." She turned to me, laughing slightly. 

"Well, okay hypothetically- wait, are we talking about the creepy psycho kind, or the sexy ones who just want to date and go to your school and all that." I smiled, this was one reason I loved Annora, you could just spout something and she'd go along with it. 

"Definitely the creepy kind."

"Well, I mean, if I didn't know him, but he knew stuff about me and my name and stuff. Then... well I'd probably tell you guys, then my parents and the police."

"What if... you couldn't tell the police? Or your parents?" I muttered.

"I don't get it, why wouldn't you be able to?"

"Just... hypothetically." 

"Well, I'm not a strong enough Okan to fight them, so I'd probably confront them, with some other people to back me up. Get people I trust to help me, preferably ones with Strong Okans, like Isaac, so they could protect me." She grinned, but then paused, thinking for a second. "Wait, why are you asking me this? Is there a reason?"

I thought about what she'd just said, about trust, and decided that I needed to tell her. Not everything, but at least something, so I wasn't dealing with it all alone.

"I think I may have a stalker." I blurted out.

The End

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