I had animal studies straight after lunch, and I decided I was going to ask Mr Holver, our teacher, the question I'd been wanting to ask since I'd changed. 

I would ask Mrs Voss, but I had a feeling she knew too much about... everything, and may suspect why I was asking. 

I waited until after class, as I didn't want the stress of having everyone turn to watch me ask. 

"Mr Holver?"

"How can I help you Aria?" He asked. He was a plump man, and his Okan had been a seal. It sounded funny, and despite being virtually useless on land, apparently he could swim like anything, though I'd never witnessed it. 
The most powerful Okan in our school was the deputy head, Mr Blasamore, who was a grizzly bear. No one had seen him shift, but rumours spread that after the attacks, he and a few other more powerful teachers shifted to scout the woods. 

"Um, I was wondering, I read somewhere, that no one had ever had an Okan- I mean, there are no records of- wolves?" Mr Holver paused his stacking of papers. He turned his head to look at me.

"Well..." He paused, unsure of how to answer my question. "It is true that no one has ever had one..." He hesitated again, and my mind flicked to Calarook, and I wondered how much he knew. "But they are considered a bad omen, the Devil in Okan form. No one knows why, except- Well now, you best be looking that sort of thing up in a book. I can't help you farther than that."

I eyed him, he seemed to be withholding something, hesitant to tell me something. "What would happen if someone, had an Okan that was a wolf?" I mumbled, immediately worrying that I was giving too much away.

"Well, I'm not sure exactly, probably they would be detained, held somewhere to make sure they weren't dangerous. If they were-" I was staring into space, trying not to hyperventilate again. I imagined being locked up. Metal cuffs on my hands as I shared a cell with the Shadow Shifter from the police station. I'd rather be euthanised, or whatever option they used.

"Okay, well thank you sir. I... appreciate it." Mr Holver watched me as I left.

The End

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