School was still buzzing, the tension tangible in the air. I guessed people were still waiting for someone to drop dead in the middle of the courtyard or something, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. 
The only difference was of course, the 'guards' posted around the school and grounds. Male and female, they minded their own business and kept out of the way. Most people didn't even notice them. I observed one during morning break.

She had dark blue hair, tattoos down her neck and shoulders, and more earrings than I could count. She, alike all the other guards, wore a pair of black leggings, a t-shirt and a collard, sleeveless jacket with many pockets and zips. All the female guards were well built, as muscly and solid as any of the guys. 
Blue-hair was stationed at the edge of the forest, and mainly she just stood there, occasionally pacing up and down, sometimes leaning against a tree. 

"I wonder what her Okan is." I said aloud suddenly. Isaac, Annora and Leo turned to look at me. I realised they had no idea who I was talking about, so I pointed to the girl. 

"Well, it's probably something pretty powerful, considering they're stationing her up to fight Shadow Shifters." Said Annora. "Any ideas, she asked Leo.

"Hm, not sure. You're right there though, something powerful- maybe a tiger? Lion? Something along those lines."

There was a moment of silence, then the girl looked our way. We looked back, then I realised we were all staring. "Look away, we're staring at her." I muttered, and everyone looked back to their food pretty quick.

I snuck one last glance as we put our plates away, and Blue-hair was still looking straight back at me.

The End

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