Awards Giving

My mother eyed me suspiciously the next morning at breakfast. 

I'd spent the night as a wolf, curled up under the bed. Jax had told me that if I was scared or panicked I would find it harder to shift, and I had been both all night. 

"Did you go out yesterday?"

"Yes, I popped to the corner shop to buy paper, we had to do a writing project since school was cancelled." I'd had a long time to think of my excuse, and thankfully my mother seemed to buy it. 

"Well, you could have told me where you were going, and you're still grounded! Although-"

She paused, and I looked up from my soggy cereal, hoping she was lifting my grounding. 

"Don't look at me like that! You're not off the hook yet. However, the school emailed. They said they would be opening on Monday again, as they've caught one of the culprits." I noticed how my mother didn't say the word 'Shadow Shifter' aloud. "But they are having guards posted around the school grounds, ones trained in dealing with these cases, so they feel you'll be alright. Anyway, next week is the Awards Giving, so you'll have to attend that."

The Awards Giving was held at the end of every summer term, and was an two and a half hours of names being read out, and bits of paper handed to students who had achieved well. I found it boring as heck, and I'd never achieved an award before.

"But Aria," My mother continued. "You're still grounded remember, so no sneaking off to Annora's or Isaac's. You come straight home, okay?"

I sighed. "Yes mother." I said mockingly, and she rolled her eyes at me lightly. 

"Well go on then Aria, you better write that project." She said.

The End

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