As I guessed, I was grounded.

After my mother freaked out and shouted at me for being irresponsible and immature and 'you should have at least texted me!' She calmed down and called the police to tell them I'd come home safely. Then she hugged me tight and told me that I would never do that to her again.

"What with all these attacks... I thought you might have..." 

"Mum I'm fine, I promise, I just got lost and didn't have my phone on me."

"Well, you should make a card or something for your teacher, who knows what might have happened if she hadn't found you." My mother wandered off to make stress tea for herself.

I didn't feel like telling her that I was pretty capable of protection myself now. Although not from a shadow shifter.

I was laying on my bed when the announcement came on, the man on the news confirmed that they had caught a shadow shifter this afternoon. I jumped upright and turned up the volume.

This afternoon a Shadow Shifter has been arrested and taken into supported custody on suspicion of the murders that have been taking place recently. Authorities suspect that the man was not working alone, so judges say he will be kept alive for the time being until no further information can be taken from him. In other news-

I shut off the TV. Had they caught Jax? If they had, he would be killed, no doubt. Not that I objected to the safety of the public, but despite my fear of him, I didn't want Jax killed. 

I sat there for a long time, unsure of what to do. Then I made up my mind, I was going to the prison, if I couldn't get Jax out. He deserved an apology from me before-

I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door, my mother didn't even have time to yell at me for breaking her grounding.

The End

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