We drove home in silence. I still wasn't sure what Mrs Voss had meant by what she said.

Did she know about my Okan? Did she know about Jax?


Oh God, what was I meant to do? 

I briefly considered telling the police, or some other sort of authority figure, but pushed the idea away. They would kill him for sure, and despite the fact I hated him for killing those people, I didn't want him dead.

I decided to wait it out, to hope he would leave town or something. I was so thankful for the fact that school had been cancelled, I would have time to think now. Canceled due to Jax. 

But a small part of me nagged back, what if it wasn't Jax? What if he had led more here? I knew that they traveled in Covens. I pushed the thoughts as far back into my mind as possible. For now I had to think of an excuse to tell my mother. She would be freaking out. I'd probably be grounded, but seeing as there was no school and people wouldn't be going out anyway due to the dangers imposed by the attacks, I wasn't that bothered. 

My thoughts moved back to what Mrs Voss had said about Dario... she said people held their Okans outside of them, but Dario was not like that. I had no idea what she meant.

Dario watched me from the dashboard where he perched, for some reason, I got the feeling he could tell what I was thinking. 

I tried not to meet his eyes. 

"Aria, we're here." Mrs Voss' voice pulled me out from my thoughts. I glanced out the window and sure enough, we were outside my house. 

"Thank you for the lift." I said, undoing my seatbelt. Then I paused, "Wait... I'm just curious, how did you know where I live?" I asked, turning to look at her.

She half smiled. "I have tracking skills Aria, well, enhanced tracking skills. It's how I found you in the forest."

"Oh.. well thank you again." I said, shutting the car door behind me. I wasn't sure weather to be scared, or relieved that Mrs Voss could have such a... watchful eye on me.

I watched her car turn away down the road, sighed, then pushed open the door to face my mother.

The End

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