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I don't know why I went, possibly because of the secure feeling I had when I was with Jax. Possibly because of the excited shivers that pulsed through me when I was with Jax. But a few minutes later I was holding tight as we sped through the darkness. 

When we got to his house he cut the engine and sat there in silence, I retracted my arms from around him, the muscles protesting as I'd been holding on so tight, and slid off. He followed, and before I could ask why he brought me here he pulled me up the path after him. Although it was dark, I recognised the tree where we'd sat on my birthday, before everything had been messed up by my change. The moonlight reflected off the river as it washed down the hill. There was no other sound. 

Jax stared at it for a long while, and I wanted to wait for him to talk to me, so I just watched him watching the river. After a few moments, he sighed slightly, and leaned against the tree before turning to look at me. "I'm not really sure why I asked you here now. I wanted to tell you some things, and also to ask how you were." 

I paused, not sure what he was hiding, but his face was sincere and, almost slightly dark. The light highlighted one side of his face, and set the other in steep contours and angles. 

"I suppose I'm alright, I mean, I haven't shifted since I last saw you, but I've been preoccupied with.. other stuff. I have exams, and the fight Isaac was involved in hasn't helped anything, and now these attacks..." At the mention of attacks, the muscles in Jax's jaw tightened, and something flashed in his eyes.  I paused, waiting for him to respond, but he didn't for a long while.

"I don't know why I bought you here." He said abruptly, flatly. "I probably shouldn't have." I couldn't help taking slight offence on this; he was clearly upset, or annoyed, and he was taking it out on me when all I wanted to do was help. I opened my mouth to talk, but he carried on. "But now I have, I need to tell you something, actually a few things, but I don't know how you'll react, and which order I should say them in..." 

He burbled on, so different from his usual articulate flow. I cut him off.

"Jax! Stop, it's okay. I mean, I think it is, I'm your friend, and you've done more for me than anyone recently. I'm not trying to guilt you or anything, in fact, the opposite. I never said thank you for your help, and my necklace, and-" Perhaps he wanted to stop me babbling on, or he just decided to change the whole perspective in one go, but suddenly he was kissing me.  

I'd been kissed before, but never like this. Never with my heart pounding and my lips still pretty much frozen in shock, but after a moment, I kissed him back. His hand touched my hair lightly, and I stepped slightly closer to him. 

He pulled back, and I opened my eyes. He was smirking slightly, "You're welcome"

The End

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