"So, tell me why you actually got into the fight in the first place." Annora asked Isaac. We were sat in her basement, which everyone called the 'Chill-out room' as it was crammed with beanbags and cushions. A huge tv sat on a counter top, and countless CDs and DVDs lined bookshelves around the room. Pizza rested on a table in the centre of the room, and we were sprawled around it, lying on the beanbags.

Isaac shrugged and took another slice. "I dunno really, it happened quite fast. One minute he had me in the corridor and was accusing me of trashing his stuff, and the next I'd told him it wasn't me, using a few words ruder than I'd meant to, and he'd thrown me on the ground outside." 

"You could have shifted, protected yourself. Someone as powerful as you could easily have taken him on." Leo said, grinning. Isaac shook his head.

"Nah, Leroy may be thick headed, but he's powerful and wouldn't hesitate to hurt me. Besides it was easier than getting caught shifting where we weren't supposed to."

"So you just let him beat you up." I said, I couldn't help feeling hateful and defensive. "I probably should have-" I paused, unsure of what to say.

"What could you have done?" Isaac asked, turning to look at me. "You couldn't have shifted, you don't have an Okan, and he would have beaten you up worse than me for standing in his way. Good thing Jax was there to save the day." I flinched internally at his tone. I opened my mouth, but decided better of it. I couldn't tell them why I was off school, that I could have taken Leroy on in my other form. Anyway, the comment about Jax annoyed me, I didn't like Isaac acting this way about him.

"He did save you, Leroy wasn't stopping, and as you pointed out, I wouldn't have been any help." I said sourly. There was a silence, broken by Annora.

"What are they going to do with James' body?" She asked. Word had spread that the boy from first year was called James Powell, he was only fourteen. I didn’t know him personally, but he was on the student council, and wrote poetry that was frequently displayed on the display boards. I felt sad thinking of him.

Leo swallowed the last slice of pizza and stretched, arching his back. “No idea, probably have to run tests on it. See how he was killed.”

“I’d have thought that would be obvious, I mean, there’s a shadow shifter on the loose, ‘nowhere’s safe anymore’” Leo said sarcastically. 

“That’s not what I meant, and that’s not true either.” 

“Of course it is, they could be anywhere, be anyone. For all I know, you could be one.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Isaac look at me when Leo said this, but I pretended not to see. Leo pretended to stab Annora with a piece of pizza, and she whacked him way, rolling her eyes. 

My phone buzzed in my pocket, “Sorry guys, I have to go, early night and all that. See you.” I said my goodbyes, grabbed another piece of pizza, and walked to the door, my hand stroking the necklace that Jax gave me. The necklace that was engraved with my triangle I always drew. 

I shut the door and turned to walk down the path, when someones face appeared inches from mine. I let out a scream, quickly muffled by Jax’s hand on my mouth. When he was satisfied I wasn’t going to attack him, he let me go. 

“Come with me."

The End

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