Shut down

The school was shut down. What else could they do? The staff wouldn't let students near the body, or the area of attack. Mrs Voss and the other teachers with stronger Okans swept the forest, but found nothing. The fight between Jax, Isaac and Leroy was soon forgotten, and fear was practically tangible in the air when the news spread. 

An assembly was called. Professor Lorkenshaft, who was the only qualified professor who actually used his title, stood in front of the school. "As I am quite sure, you are all aware that there has been an attack within school premises. This accounts to mean that you are no longer safe here, and we must hand you back to the responsibility of your guardians. A message has already been sent out, and school will be shut for the entirety of this week. Having said this, exams will take place when possible, and end of final term ceremonies will happen as scheduled. Thank you."

As we left the hall, I craned my neck to look for Jax, but he had disappeared as soon as Hazel had come running in to inform us of the attack. 

"My parents are home, and I know your mum is at work, do you want to come back to mine with Leo? Isaac could come as well, it might be good for him..." Annora asked as we watched Isaac walk towards us with Leo. He hadn't said much since the fight, and had refused medical care. 

"Sure, we should probably take our minds off of this." I said, walking to join Leo and Isaac. "What do you say Isaac? You want to come back to Annora's with me and Leo?"

He hesitated, then half smiled, "Sure, why not? I have to get my stuff though, be right back." He strode off towards his homeroom, and we watched him go.

"Poor guy, what actually happened?" Annora asked Leo.

He shrugged slightly, "I don't really know, someone trashed Leroy's locker and ripped all his stuff out his bag. There was black stuff- like ash- all over his things, Isaac had black on his hands. It was just ink or something, but Leroy was all over it. Isaac told him to get lost, or words to that effect, and Leroy snapped. You know how he is." I did, but that wasn't what I was thinking about. Black stuff-like ash. 

Just then I saw a movement by the field, I glanced up, and saw Jax standing near the trees. He looked very pale. I moved towards him, but Annora touched  my arm, "Where are you going? We need to get the next bus." 

"I know, I'll be right back, I need to get some stuff and-" I looked back; Jax was gone. I looked around, but I couldn't see him anywhere. "Oh, never mind, I've got it." Annora glanced at me, but didn't question me. 

"Okay, here's Isaac, let's go."

The End

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