I rolled, opening my eyes and stretching my arms, wincing at how sore they were. I wasn't fully aware of where I was, but as the memories from last night came flooding back, I sat bolt upright, gasping.

"Hey, hey. You're okay" I looked over, and saw Jax. He was still sat on the window ledge, and I wondered if he'd been there all night. "How do you feel?"

"Like I got hit with a bus, then with a tank, then with a house" My voice was still sore, and I coughed and sat up carefully, my body protesting.

Jax frowned, "You should probably rest, you changed a lot last night." He walked over and felt my forehead, and my heart jumped slightly at his cool touch.  

"Nah I'll be okay. I might just take it easy today, but- Oh crap! School!" 

"There's no way I'm letting you go to school like this, and what would people say if..."

"I know." If people saw what I had become... well, I didn't know what would happen to me, but considering the fact that in Okan it had stated my condition was illegal, then I didn't want to risk what that might cause for me. I sank back down on the bed, putting my arm across my face. "Why me?"

There was a long silence, then after so long I'd almost forgotten what I'd asked, Jax said "I don't know Aria. I really don't know."


"This sucks, I thought you were supposed to be helping me" I complained as I do another measly pull up. Jax had decided a training program would help, but I had seriously opposing views on exercise.

"I am helping you. Your body will cope much better with the change if you're physically stronger as well as mentally."

"Oh whoopee! I've got mental math to look forward to after this."

"Stop complaining and start focusing!" Jax laughed "Trust me, I do this stuff all the time." I was hanging off the branches of one of the trees, trying (and miserably failing) to do the twenty pull ups that Jax was commanding of me.

"Well of course you would, I mean, look at you, you're-" I stopped, aware that I was about to blurt out how good his body was. 

He raised one eyebrow mockingly, "Mmm? I'm what?"

"Shut up." I said, laughing slightly. As I did so, a spasm rocked my body, and I knew what was coming next. I dropped from the tree, and curled into the ground, bracing myself "Oh no, not again." I murmured. 

Jax knelt down beside me, his hand on my back. "It's okay, listen to me. You have to focus, control the change. When you feel yourself shift, hold tight to that and gain control of it."

I tried to focus on his voice, but I slipped sideways, into my other self. It took a few minutes, but finally I stood, now on four legs, and looked up. Jax was still watching me. "See? It's okay." He smiled, and I took a few steps forward. It felt strange. "Now, you remember the motorbike?" I nodded "Now imagine that speed, channel it into your body. And run." I looked at him as skeptically as I could through my new eyes; my sight seemed heightened. "Trust me, you'll be great. Now run." 

I rolled my eyes at him, then turned and faced the plain we were on the edge of. Coiling my muscles, I tensed up, and ran.

The End

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