...can be found amongst the rarer type of Okans. These rarities are known as Insolitas, beings with a mixture of Okans, or a deformed other half. They can be incredibly powerful, and brought on by family ties, or a reflection of the inner self, as all Okans are.

I flipped to the next page. This book was surprisingly interesting, and although it was relaying much of the stuff I already knew, it was good all the same. I read for about half an hour, my mother was working a night shift tonight. It didn't bother me, she'd been away for days when they'd desperately needed her healing sources. 

My phone beeped, and I checked the new message, it was from Annora: Hey, have you done the animal studies homework? I think I've messed up big time on choosing it as one of the options for my careers path! By the way, did you hear? Another attack since last night, this one was closer to school! xx

I frowned, something made me feel uneasy, but it wasn't just because I hadn't done the animal studies homework. I texted her back and continued reading. There seemed to be several pages stuck tightly together, and it could have been OCD coming on, but I became seriously determined to force them apart. "Come on, it's not that hard. Why are you stuck together anyway?" I realised I was talking to an inanimate book, but unsticking these pages was rapidly becoming the new centre of my life. 

After about ten minutes of shuffling and peeling, the pages came apart. These looked older than the rest of the book, and there were illustrations underlined with Skenth phrases.  I traced the words at the top, Dark Okans, before reading down the page.

It is said, often recruited to legend, that Okans reflecting one's soul can be reversed to darkness. Such occurrences mean that the person's other half is corrupt, though not always bad. They do not take the form of natural occurrences, but can be mutated, taking the form of demons. These are incredibly rare, but since the rise of Dario Calarook, who had a Dark Okan, and took it and used it for black magic and power, it is an illegal occasion. I was tense, reading on down the page, more about Calarook. Immortal... destroying and slaughtering thousands... recruiting an army made up of soul-splitters, Shadow Shifters and Dark Okans... soul-splitting. 

I read on, my heart beating quickly, but apart from that one paragraph there was no more on him. My insides were feeling twisted, and sick, but I wasn't paying enough attention to recognise the feeling. I looked over at one of the printed pictures; it was fuzzy and distorted, but I could make out the shape of a huge beast. The caption underneath read in Skenth: Mis trijaor liando ora negothia trecia i  Dario Calarook margura demockhs lupio okan sinuero.

I pulled out my Skenth dictionary, forgetting my previous desire not to do just this. I structured the sentence and as I read it out loud, I saw what was in the image. Perhaps the Darkest of all Okans were described as the Demon Wolf, that of Dario Calarook and few others. 

Even as I read that sentence things flooded into my mind, eyes in the shadows, the symbol, huge beasts, Shadow Shifters. I screamed. The pain in my mind was so strong that I threw the book aside and rolled to the side. Suddenly my body spasmed, and I was involuntarily thrown sideways, off the bed. Blood roared in my head. My spine seemed to be breaking, and my body jerked and twisted on the floor, as I coughed up black blood. I felt my bones breaking, my mind exploding, and then- Blackness. Nothing. I tried to move, couldn't. I wondered if I had died, but then my vision swam into view, and I saw my reflection in the mirror. 

Huge mass. Dark, shifting fur. Long ears pressed back. Swishing tail. Horns. Orange eyes, the colour of danger. The colour of danger.

I stared at my reflection. Unable to move. I had found my Okan. I was a Demon Wolf.



The End

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