I went to the library after school, taking out three books. Leaders and dictators throughout near history and the modern day, Dark Arts and Black Magic, and Okan. The last one was the most interesting looking, the other two were for homework and research purposes; I still wanted to find out more about Calarook if I could. But the last book was huge, fat and old, its pages crinkled and aged, twice the size of the others. We only had a few books this ancient looking, of course we had all the modern ones. But there were sections dedicated to old books and some scrolls even. Some printed in such old Skenth that only some teachers could understand the majority of them. Only this book looked even older, though thank heaven it was printed in English, I didn't think I could bear digging out my old Skenth homework to decipher it.

I shoved the first two books in my backpack, then leaned against the wall outside the library and opened Okan. I'd taken it out not only because it looked cool and I'd never seen it before, but because I thought it could help me, perhaps offer information. I was skimming over the index and first few pages, seeing if there was anything interesting when a voice inches from my face spoke "Find anything interesting, or just being a nerd?" I jumped and the book slipped from my hands, I lunged for it, but Jax beat me there, scooping it up in a movement so fast I barely saw him do it.

I sighed, holding my hand out for the book, "You know they say you shouldn't sneak up on people" I said, putting the book into my bag and turning to look at him. He had a bright look in his eyes that was hard to place.

"Who's they? Because when I find out I shall find 'them' and scare them to death" I roll my eyes.

"Did you hear about the attack?" I asked, partly because I couldn't be bothered to argue with him any more, and partly because it's what everyone's talking about.

His face didn't change, but something flickered behind his eyes, there and gone so fast I didn't see it. The brightness was still there, but more alert now. "What attack?"

"A Shadow Shifter, they're saying it happened a few miles from here."

"Oh. Well I hadn't heard. Well, I know now" He said flatly. He turned away slightly.

 "Are you okay? You seem..." I wasn't sure what word to put there.

"No I'm fine, I'm fine." He waved my concern away, and his face smoothed out, like someone putting on a mask. "So, how was your birthday?" 

"It was great, thanks.. although-" I hesitated, I wanted to tell someone about the headaches and visions, and I felt as though I should tell him. "It's just," I rushed to get the words out "I had visions of things, a blinding headache and I feel sick lots of the time, is it normal? I mean, I know you might not know, seeing as you- well I just wondered if-"

"Aria," He cut me off, a slight smile pulling at his features, "You're babbling, it's okay. What visions?"

I told him. When I got to the part about the symbol, he sucked in his breath slightly, "What? What's wrong? You recognised the symbol when I drew it on myself, didn't you?"

He paused, his face unreadable, "Yes, yes I did, and if that symbol is what I think it is, it's nothing good. I can promise you that." There was a long pause. "Can I see your phone?"

"What?" his question caught me off guard.

"I just wanted to... check something. Please?"

"Sure" I got it out and handed it to him. He held it for a moment, tapped something so fast I could barley see, then gave it back.

I opened my mouth but he cut me off again, "Look, I have to go, but I'll see you soon, I have a small something for you for your birthday... although I don't know how it will compare with the good and bad it might do..." He wandered off, muttering.

"Wait! You can't just- I have to-" I stopped. I felt like stamping my foot, what was with all these weird riddle answers? I thought about running after him and making him tell me what he knew, but something told me he wouldn't budge. I span on my heel and headed for the bus stop.

The End

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