Questions and Answers

"Can I ask you something? It's about the homework" I asked, nodding to Leo and slipping up to Voss' desk at the end of the lesson. She looked up, her silver eyes very piercing.

"Of course, what would you like to know?"

"Well..." I wasn't sure how to ask, then I decided just to say, it couldn't do any harm "Who is Dario Calarook, and why does he have the same name as your bird?" Voss stopped filing papers and looked up, though not at me. At the sound of his name, Dario fluttered forward, his huge wings sending a blast of air into my face. I waited.

"Where did you learn that name?" Could I be imagining it, or was her voice harsher, and slightly anxious?

"I read it online. I did my study on him, as it told me he was a Black Magic user.

"A very powerful one..." Mrs Voss murmured.

"It also said he ran the Nave... did you know that?" My voice wasn't really accusing, well, maybe a little. 

"I did, but I didn't answer your question earlier properly because Calarook is someone you don't need to know about."

"I'm interested, who is he? Why is he so bad? What did he do?"

She sighed, turning to face me "Dario Calarook is a man who went corrupt, he destroyed the good in him, his Okan-" She stopped "Look it's not really my place to talk about him, you should ask someone more experienced in that field than me. He's a bad person, I'm not going to tell you more than that. As for why Dario is named the same," she reached out to the bird, and he brushed his face against her hand, obvious care and trust in his gestures "It's a coincidence, I liked the name" 

I decided it would be best to drop the Dario subject, but I had one more question "It mentioned something else, something I couldn't find anywhere else."

"What's that?"

"Soul-splitting." She stiffened, and looked up at me. For a moment, anger, shock, and even fear flicked in her pale eyes. 

"Soul-splitting," She said carefully, saying the words as if they could bite "is a terrible thing to do, it destroys your Okan, and rips away who you are. It is done in the darkest of ways, in the worst of places." She paused "I recommend you don't go telling people about it, it is something I hope you will never come across."

"Thank you, I have to go to my next lesson now... but I appreciate what you've told me" I said, something about her tone had scared me a little, and I turned to leave. Just as I got to the door I paused, turning back. "Dario Calarook, did he soul-split?"

She hesitated "Yes. He was the first to do it. Yes he did it. And it destroyed him."

The End

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