"Happy birthday, love!" Mum hugged me awake, a cupcake with a candle perched precariously on a tray with croissants and cocoa. I grinned and hugged her back, before blowing out the candle.

"Thanks mum" I took a bite of croissant and sipped my cocoa. Then I glanced down and see my mother sheepishly offering out several wrapped presents.

"Mum! I told you you didn't have to get me anything!" But I took the presents anyway, rolling my eyes fondly at her. 

"I know I know! But I couldn't get you nothing! And especially on such a special birthday, you don't turn sixteen everyday. Soon you'll be-" She stopped, she didn't want to bring up my Okan, she knew it was a touchy subject for me. I didn't look at her as I opened the first parcel, it was a new sketchbook, with posh pencils and charcoal to go with it. I moved to the second, it was a bracelet: a small chain with one charm hanging on the end, I peered at it. It was a small silver bird, the detail engraved in such minute form it was hard to see.

"Oh Mum!" I said, but I jumped up and hugged her again, almost spilling cocoa.

"Careful careful! You like it then?" 

"I love it! Both of them, thank you." I hug her tighter. 

"Alright, I have to work, I'm so sorry! But you'll be going out later, it's almost eleven, and you told Isaac that you'd meet him at two thirty didn't you?"

"Oh yeah" I said, remembering "It's fine, you go to work, I'll drift around here for a while." I hugged her once more before she left, then I got back into bed, pulling my new sketchpad onto my lap, I began sketching my mother on the first page, struggling to capture her dreamy, yet kind expression. I pushed the book away eventually, when my hand ached and my fingers have cramp. I had no choice but to let the thoughts that have been nagging at my head inside. Why haven't I changed yet? When will it happen? Will I be like Jax and not have an Okan?

I couldn't really bear to try and answer them, so I shifted over to my desk, picking up the cupcake and taking a bite, and opened my laptop. I might as well do the Black Magic homework whilst I had spare time, anyway, it was in for tomorrow. I recalled what Mrs Voss had said I would like you to research one famous black magic user, and write half a page on what you find. I searched up a couple of things, but could find nothing of interest. Until I was skimming a page on the history of Dark Wieldings and Black Magic, and a name caught my eye. I read the passage.

However, Black Magic was taken to a new opposing level when Dario Calarook came to power. He took over the Nave, before setting up minor control regions, and claiming more and more land farther North. Some say he found a way to soul-split, and to master the control of Okans. 

The passage went on, but I was intrigued by this name. I knew it from somewhere, then it hit me. Mrs Voss' bird. Why did it have the same name, was it coincidence? I clicked on the link on Dario's name, and began to write. And although I searched several sites, I could find nothing more on soul-splitting.

The End

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