Ice Cream

After completing the famous house tour, he dragged me into the kitchen, which was (like the rest of the house) high ceilinged and modern. I hung about whilst Jax fixed some drinks which I'm fairly sure contained a high amount of alcohol, and a fizzing blue substance that I didn't want to ask about. 

"Aria could you get something for me? In the bottom half of the freezer." 

"Sure. What am I getting?" 

I couldn't fully see his face, but it looked like he was grinning to himself. "You'll see"

I walked cautiously towards the huge shiny fridge, glancing back at Jax to check his expression. He had a look that told me what I was going to find was either amazing, or large and venomous. I crouched down and pulled open the door. Stacked up, row upon row, of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The majority of which was Baked Alaska. I spluttered "What the heck is all this."

"You said you liked Baked Alaska, so I bought some." He said innocently. I turned to look at him, his face was as innocent as his tone, but I could see the humour underlying it. "Go ahead, take a tub."

I continued making small noises of disbelief to myself, pulling a couple of tubs out. "Of all the ridiculous, silly..." I continued muttering to myself as Jax tossed me some spoons, still smiling to himself. I banged them down, although I wasn't really mad, still, who buys a hundred tubs of ice cream just because someone says they like them? But the gesture made me smile to myself anyway. I began to sit down, when Jax shook his head at me.

"Not here, we're eating outside." He winked at me, and beckoned for me to follow. I shook my head, I was going to have to get over surprises the more time I spent with this guy. The thought made me shiver slightly, and together we walked into the garden.

The End

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