Mrs Voss

"As you all know already, Dark Arts is a subject that may only be practiced and used within the premises of the classroom, I know you know this, but because of recent, er, rules, I am obliged to tell you all again. We will not be jumping straight to practicals, but instead will be learning about the origin of Dark Arts, and the black magic used within it. Are there any questions before we get started?" Mrs Voss paced the length of the desks, handing out notebooks and study sheets. She was young, only about twenty three or four, with long hair that was almost a translucent white colour. She paused at the head of the classroom, before continuing her little speech "I want you all to know that although this is a serious subject, I want you all to enjoy yourselves learning about it, and feel free to ask me any questions whenever you like. Oh, and before we begin, I would like you all to greet Dario" As soon as she said his name, a huge black hawk fluttered down from a perch up near the ceiling and onto her shoulders. Many students flinched backwards at the sight of the bird, and I have to admit, it was a pretty intimidating hawk. Its head flicked from side to side as its beady black eyes studied us all.                                     

"What is he, like, your guard dog?" Asked Marcio Velincy from the back, his voice seemed a little skeptical. 

The hawk swooped off Mrs Voss' shoulder and soared towards Marcio's desk, he ducked wisely, and the birds talons scraped the air where he had been a second ago. Mrs Voss didn't react much but she said "Oh no, he's merely a very good companion of mine, although he would protect me if necessary" She said it as though Marcio's question had been genuine.

Marcio himself was looking very shocked from Dario's aggressiveness. "He tried to attack me!" He said.

Mrs Voss shook her head slightly. "Oh no dear, he would never do such a thing, and besides, hawks have the most excellent aim, if he'd been attacking you, ducking wouldn't have helped." She finished with a smile, as though she were discussing the weather. I decided I liked her. "Now, let's get on with the lesson shall we?"

The End

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