Jax lay on the couch opposite me, a pack of Doritos in his hands. Watching him eat them made me want to retch again, but I managed not to. 

"Okay, but I still don't understand why you had to come here just because I wasn't at school. People take sick days all the time." 

He looked down, focusing his attention on the crisp he held in his hand. "I just, had a bad feeling that you... weren't alright" He said, and I could sense that he was picking his words carefully.  

I tried to raise my eyebrow like he had, but I could feel that it probably looked really strange, not sophisticated. I sighed. "So you come running round to the house of every damsel in distress that you feel 'isn't alright'?" I asked, my voice heavy with sarcasm. His eyes turned dark, and I hadn't noticed until now, but didn't they used to be blue? They were a dark grey, almost black now. I opened my mouth to enquire, then wondered that it might be rude, and so closed it again.

"Well... no. Not exactly." He replied in answer to my question. "The feeling of 'not alright-ness' was more a feeling of impending danger" He seemed to smirk slightly to himself whilst I dissected his words soundlessly.

"And how would you know?" I suddenly got it "This has something to do with your Okan doesn't it, what are you, like a mind reader or something?" I tried to sound light and jokey, but something in my voice, or what I'd said, made him flinch.

"No. No it's nothing to do with my, Okan..." He trailed off, clearly wanting to drop the subject. "It was just a feeling okay? Anyway, you look-" He stopped abruptly, looking down at my wrist, his eyes had zeroed in on the triangle pattern on my wrist and his face had gone hard and flat. Twisting in a move so blindingly fast I barely saw him move at all, he had hold of my wrist in a tight grip, and was examining the mark. His touch sent sparks up my arm, but I looked at his expression, my chest tight.

"What.. What's wrong?"

He ignored my question. "Where did you get this?"

"I drew it" 

"You drew it?" He sounded incredulous, "On yourself?" 

"Um, yeah? Why? What's wrong with it?" He stood in silence for what seemed like a long time, before he finally dropped my wrist and looked away.

"Nothing, I just... I thought I'd seen it before somewhere, that's all." He sounded so convincing, but the image of his eyes kept flashing in my head like a neon sign. He obviously knew something I didn't, and I wasn't sure wether or not I wanted to know what it was.

Before I could ask, he began walking to the door. "I have to go, but you'll come to school tomorrow, right?" The way he said it made me feel as though I didn't really have a choice.

"Um, sure. See you" I watched as he left, shutting the door behind him. I stood there, suddenly feeling very small, lost and bewildered.


The End

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