I didn't feel like eating, though I made myself nibble on some toast around midday. I certainly wasn't going back to school, I didn't have any idea how I would explain my strange dreams and pains and sicknesses to Annora, or anyone else wanting to know why I felt so strange. And I did feel strange. It felt as though, part of me was slipping away, pulling away almost. The aching pains in my back and side may have had something to do with it, but I tried to push them away, until they were just a dull, numb throbbing in the background of my mind. 

Around two, I heaved myself downstairs and lay on the sofa. Switching on the TV, I flicked through, trying to find something good to watch. After about ten minutes of flipping back and forth, I settled on some sort of cooking channel and picked up a pen from the coffee table. I doodled up and down my arm, not paying too much attention to what I was doing, but wanting a way to pass the time that seemed mildly productive. I drew my triangle pattern at my wrist, just over the vein that pulses there, and had the strangest sensation as I did. It felt like it was being engraved into me, like, literally into my soul. I seemed to feel linked to it, as though it was some undiscovered part of myself. I pressed deeper, watching the flow of ink that appeared over my veins as my mind seemed to draw rather than my hand.                           Then the pain happened. It shot from my wrist down into my side and stomach, and I rolled over, dropping the pen, and managing to throw up into the bowl that I had conveniently placed by the sofa. More black ink.

I rolled onto my back, shaking. I realised after several minutes that I was crying, and that the wetness on my face was tears. I reached over to get a tissue and wiped my nose and eyes. After I let myself recover for a few minutes, I went to the kitchen and boiled a cup of hot water, I put some mint leaves into it and curled back up onto the sofa, pressing the warm cup between my hands.                                                                                                                                       It was just about then that the doorbell rang. I groaned and got to my feet, but whoever was at the door continued to press the bell again and again as it their life depended on it. 

"I'm coming!" I tried to call, but my voice came out as more of a croak. I eventually staggered into the hall and fumbled with the lock until I could open the door. "Yes, what-" But he barged in straight away, pushing past me into the hall and whirling to face me, as I stood there awkwardly, still holding the door open.

"Why weren't you at school today?" He asked flatly, not bothering to even greet me. I turned away and slowly, purposefully, shut the door.

"Come on in" I muttered, moving last him to fall back onto the couch. "And if you must know, I was sick" 

"Sick?" His voice sounded skeptical, like he didn't believe me, that made me cross.

"Listen you come barging into my house without warning, ask me where I've been, I tell you and you don't believe me. And frankly I never asked you to come over to check on me, hell, I don't even know why your'e here!"  He raised one eyebrow in a perfect arch at me, as though my little rant amused him. 

I half expected him to be cross with me, but all he said was "You're cute when your angry" Which of course made me more angry. I made a distinct huffing sound and pushed past him.

"Well, as long as your here, you might as well tell me why you came"

The End

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