Eyes and shadows

Mum prodded me awake with a cup of coffee the next morning. 

"How're you feeling love?" Her brow was creased with worry, I felt like death, but I try to sound better for her sake.

"Not too bad now, must have been something I ate" I mumble, half asleep still. The smell of the coffee makes me feel sick, but I manage to hold back.

"Well I've got to go to work soon, but I've made you coffee and you can get yourself anything if you feel up to it. You can always head to school after lunch if you want." She smiled down at me, tucking some hair behind my ear she kissed the top of my head then left for work. 

The moment the door slammed I groaned and rolled onto my side. I have been sick several times in the night, but I hadn't let my mother come in to see me whilst I was sick. It hadn't been like the normal way you were sick, my body had felt like it was tearing in two, and the stuff that I had spat into the sink had been black, a lot like ink almost. I wondered if this had anything to do with the change, if my body was accustoming to becoming another form, like Annora with her cat form, then it could be experiencing some difficulties... But no one had ever claimed to be feeling this was before, no one had said anything about being sick, about how my body seemed to be fighting a loosing battle against itself. 

I put the pillow over my face and tried to blot out everything. I don't know when, but I must've fallen asleep sometime, because the dreams that came were more disturbing than usual. 

I saw a forest, it was night, far too dark for me to make out anything other than the shapes of trees around me. I suddenly got the feeling that I was being watched, and turned around. I squinted my eyes into the gloom, and saw what I thought were two fireflies at first. Then the fireflies moved in perfect synchronisation, as if they were following my movements. I realised with a wrench of terror that they were eyes, amber and glowing in the undergrowth, I knew they must be the eyes of some animal, they were too predator like to belong to a human. Suddenly I heard a soft voice behind me.

"Don't run. They chase their prey because it runs." I spun round to see a shadow in the dark, a glint of teeth as someone smiled at me. They stepped into the light from the moon above.

"Jax?" I asked, shocked. He put his finger to his lips and pointed behind me. I turned, slowly now, and saw the first set of eyes joined by two more either side of them.

"What.. what are they" I whispered, frozen with fear, I felt unable to look away from the eyes, something familiar about them haunted me, something familiar and something wrong too.

"They've been expecting you" Jax said calmly, too calmly. His voice sounded dreamy and far away. "Don't run, you can't run from yourself..." His voice got fainter and fainter, and I turned to see him fading away, his smile all that seemed to be left. 

"Wait, don't leave me with them!" I cried out, but he was gone. Suddenly the eyes seemed to be everywhere, all around me, and without Jax there fear completely overwhelmed me and I looked into the eyes of the first creature that had been there. They seemed to pull me in, and before I knew it, I was tumbling down and down into the blackness of its pupils.

The End

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