I awake late, and stumble groggily to the bathroom. Standing, half asleep, in front of the mirror, I splash my face with cold water to wake me up a bit and brush my wild curls into submission. I go back to my room and sit at my bed, opening up my text book, I stare aimlessly at the page of words then shove it off my desk with a sigh. I reach for my sketch journal, and flick through the pages, re-reading old thoughts and ideas I have had. I doodle around for a bit, and end up sketching the same symbol I always sketch; a triangle with three curved lines running through it.  I stare at the page long and hard, before sighing again and standing up, pushing my desk chair away, I snatched up my v-necked grey sweater from my bed and ran out the house.

The wind whipped around my face, lashing my hair and destroying all efforts I had put into making it look marginally neat. I kept my head down as I walked towards the park, I wasn't sure where else to go and so leant against against the cold iron railings overlooking the river. I remember a time when there was no battles in the far north. When the other world co-existed peacefully with ours. Then the Nave arose, and all was lost for every world. Of course, those are all stories. Stories I used to believe a long time ago, when my father was here to tell them to me.

Thinking of my father makes my heart ache. I put my head on my hands and stare down at the swirling dark water. I was too engulfed in thought to notice him stood there until he spoke.

"You look lost" He stated. I started, and spun to face him. He was tall, with tousled black hair that swept across his face in a way that was messy and wild, yet still seemed neat with the rest of his appearance. He also had piercing deep grey-blue eyes. One of the most striking things about him was the large tattoo across his neck, disappearing into his shirt, strange and intricate swirls and symbols that I couldn't make out. He was wearing black jeans, a light grey jumper, a leather jacket and a thick, silver band, engraved all around with symbols on it.                                                     Despite my shock at his sudden appearance, I managed to keep cool as I answered him.

"You look like you jump to fast conclusions" I replied, and this bought on a brief grin flashing across his face. He was good looking, toned and tall, although I was more intrigued my his face than his body.

"I'm often a step ahead of the game" He said, still smiling at me. 

"oh, well I don't think I'll try beating you then" I said, looking away, back towards the water in the hope that he would leave me alone. He wasn't that much of a quitter.

"Jax" I turned, to see him holding out his hand for me to shake. I took it awkwardly nodding slowly.

"Aria" I said, surprising myself as to why I was telling a stranger my name. Well, after all he did tell me his. "Aria Loren" He waited for me to comment further, but I was never a social butterfly, and had trouble striking up conversation with all those except those who I felt truly close to. He turned and fiddled around in his jacket pocket, pulling out a blade, he spun it in his fingers almost absently as he stared into the distance.                                                                                              A jump of shock broke through my mask as I stared at him.

"What are you doing?! You can't just flaunt blades around out in the street like this!" He grinned at me, completely casual. 

"Oh don't worry, I'm not about to attack you, even though you haven't found your Okan yet"   I flinched, how do you know that? I wanted to ask, but I knew his answer would probably be no help to me. Instead I turned and began walking back along the street. I did not need to be arrested today for being out in public with someone carrying weapons.                                         Annoyingly, I heard footsteps behind me, and turned back, sighing.

"Are you going to stop stalking me?" I asked, I tried to sound angry but from his expression I didn't do a good job of it.

"Okay okay" He said, trying not to laugh at me "I'll put the blade away, and, I didn't mean to 'stalk' you, I was just trying to be friendly, most girls seem to want to know me from the moment they lay eyes on me" he said, grinning all over. I snorted, and, okay he was good looking and all, but I was hardly the one to go falling over strange boys.

"Well I'm not 'most girls' okay?" 

"I wasn't suggesting you were, but you are... different. In a good way" he said hurriedly, seeing my face. His eyes scanned my face, and I wasn't sure where to look. "You go to Baramere, don't you?" he asked suddenly. I was mildly taken aback, how did he know which school I went to? 

"What's it to you?" I said, but before he could answer I asked another question "do you go there too?" Stupid question, he looked about nineteen or twenty, so he surprised me by saying:

"Yeah I do actually, Third year" Well that explained why I'd never seen him before, there are three years in our school, first, second and third surprisingly. I'm in second, the firsts are mainly young, a few select students may already have acquired their Okans, but most get them during the first or second year latest. The third years mostly keep to themselves, their blocks are on the other side of school grounds and they mainly just stay there and don't interact with those younger than them. I wondered what classes Jax took, and what his Okan was. I considered asking, but decided against it as I didn't know him well enough. 

"Oh, cool. Yeah I'm second year" I replied "And why do you even carry that thing?" I nodded back towards the blade he'd shoved into his pocket, almost forgotten.

"This old thing? Just for protection" He smiled, slightly mockingly, and opened his mouth to say something else but was cut off by a buzzing coming from his back pocket. He flipped out a phone and scanned his eyes over the message. "Ahh" he said quietly "Well Aria Loren, it seems other forces have called me away on some dark and mysterious mission, I fear we may have to part"                                                                                                                                                           I couldn't help smiling. 

"You mean one of your mates has rung you up to ask if you wanna go over and hang?" I asked, doing the best impression of a boy as I could. He grinned at me.

"Thats exactly what I mean. Well, I may have to look out for you at school" Something about the way he said it made my spine tingle slightly, "See you around, Aria Loren" With that, he turned and crossed the street, disappearing into the throng of people so swiftly, he left me wondering if the whole exchange had been a dream.

The End

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