The entire Supernatural world consisting of 'Beasts' reveal themselves to the human world. Follow Marcus Flint as he adapts to the stares of other students as they learn he is a Shifter.

In late 2007, the Society for Care and Advancment of Beasts or SCAB re-entered the society of the humans again after centuries of living in the shadows. The names of all the Beasts in every country across the world were handed over to the governments.

I was one such name. I was thirteen years old at the time. I was attending a school in South Wales. It was my fourth school in five years. We had to keep moving because I would... have accidents.

Three days after the names had been handed over and after over a hundred and fifty new laws were past to incorperate the new species, we had an assembly. The Head stood on the stage at the front of the hall. Over a thousand pupils stared up at the small red headed woman.

"I'm sure everyone is exciting, these are exciting ties after all. But this morning, the names of all the 'Beasts' that attend our school was e-mailed to the office. The staff have all seen the list, now as a gesture of good faith, we want to offer these pupils the chance to reveal themselves. Any pupil that does not wish to reveal themselves will not be forced too." I was in year eight. I didn't know what I was doing as I got up. I walked slowly up to the stage, my hands were sweaty and I gulped down a breathe and stepped up. 

"Ahh Marcus," the Head grinned "come up." I did, and i stood quietly onthe stage the whole student body looking expectantly at me.

"I'm Marcus Flint," I gulped again "I'm a shape-shifter."

The End

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