Home, where the war is.Mature

As Martin walks through the broken road in the night with the shining trail leading to his city and as he walks up the hills of the outskirts of his city he sees the whole city blacked out and on fire with helicopters and tanks roaming the area and each entrance to the city had a checkpoint with armed men an turrets to prevent anybody from coming in. He could hear the sounds of gunshots and explosions from where he was and he could also hear roars echoing from the city he felt a deep chill crawling up his spine as he tried to fathom what beasts he will encounter. His sight starts to blur as he could hear Fidulion’s voice in his head telling him to calm down and reach for his left hand. Visions of warriors with light blue swords shining from both of their hands forward like tridents striking shadows and they fade as their swords slash through them. Then another vision flashes as he could see unarmed robed aliens create transparent shields while being overthrown by shadows and get blasted away as the shield explodes from the outside without the aliens getting harmed.

“These are one of many abilities of the Luminauts; soon you will possess more power but for now use these at will to strike down your enemies.” His mentor tells him telepathically.

Martin starts to through the trees at great speed while gathering more and more power, within every steps his arms and legs surge more electricity and Martin does a great leap over the forest over to the checkpoint to enter the city. All the men were stationed in their posts shouting from the speakers of their helmets, “It’s him, its subject 18!” They all fire at once as Martin strikes a stance with his hands in air creating a transparent force field in front of him, all the bullets clash against the force field as Martin closes his hands as the force field full of smashed of bullets starts destabilizing and then he opens his hands with force as if he was ripping something apart and the force field exploded knocking out all of the guards towards the sealed gate marked quarantine.

The gates are open, Martin is on the loose and he starts running towards the city. The city is mostly on fire as there is a rioting war with the civilians, the Blacklight forces and the aliens. Blacklight Company has been hunting Martin for days as the alien invasion started. Their leaders believe that he is the key to something great for their planet as some of them see him as a great threat to their organization. Their presence in his city has caused a mayor distraught on his city, gangs from the housing projects thinking the city is theirs rebel against their soldiers and some of the civilians have contracted the virus form one of the alien’s dead bodies and began mutating into zombies, it is an all-out war. 

In the middle of the city the aliens have created a hive for them to spawn their hatchlings and Blacklight forces have dwelled deeper into the hive to plant an electromagnetic cluster bomb that will fry each and every living being inside the Hive.  This was Martin’s first quest and his challenge, but before he would advance to the Hive he would have to go through the rioters, the zombies, the Blacklight troopers and the aliens. All of this seemed dire to him until a great sense of fear stopped him in his tracks, his family, he could not turn away to the fight, he had to go straight to them and make sure they are safe.

He started running to the north where his neighborhood was, along the way he was caught up with one of the gang member and they started shouting and pointing guns at him, telling him all that he has is theirs and that they will kill him. He is surrounded, all of them had revolvers and shotguns pointed at him but he wasn’t afraid, he closed his eyes and got on his knees as one gangster behind him comes closer and points his gun behind his head, Martin then opened his eyes quickly and turned around in an instant grabbing the gangster’s arm with his left hand and the back of his neck with the other and shot a lightning bolt from behind the neck and struck the gang’s leader in the head causing it to explode. The gang was astounded but angry at him for killing their leader and they all started shooting at him as he ran quickly behind a wrecked car for cover.

Bullets whistle around him as he is crouching behind the other side of the car, he pops out of covers to strike one of the gang members and with that lightning it bolt it chained to the two gangsters next to his target. He drops down once again to think for more options until he looks at an intact car next to four gang members shooting from one corner and he gathers electricity to one hand forming into a ball of lightning and he throws it as if it were a grenade. The car then explodes with the shock grenade created by Martin forming an explosion of blue and orange.

There is only one gangster left and he is all out of ammunition, he falls down on his back as Martin approaches him with his arms sparking with electricity and the man drags himself backwards begging for mercy. As Martin starts to calm down, the electricity in his arms stop to spark, and the man runs away with his pants falling down.

Martin looked around at the damage he’s done and he couldn’t believe at what he is doing, all his life he was an innocent boy, incapable of harming anybody but to see himself killing people he felt like he will never return to the safe life, but all those thoughts faded away as he realized his life is behind him and that now it’s all about survival and he starts running towards his house. When he gets to a street light he comes across a fight between the Blacklight forces and the aliens. He hides in the corner of an alley to avoid the fight; he takes a small glance at the battle and can only see the troopers being slaughter by the aliens. He takes cover again by the corner and takes a deep breath. He runs quickly through the alleyways looking for a way to reach his home when he looks up at a helicopter in the sky shooting from its turret guns and the cartridges of the bullets fall on Martin like rain drops and they stick to his wrists and legs as they were magnets.

Martin gets an idea immediately, he takes a look at the metal bar on the wall and he takes a grip on it and it gets stuck on his hand. He pries it off without even holding it and he starts to concentrate and the bar falls off, Martin then jumps on the metal protectors on the windows and runs on the walls up to the rooftop and as he takes the last steps, he loses the magnetic hold and falls from the top but manages to take a grip of the ledge. He pulls himself up on the ledge and gets on the roof, he could see the whole city filled with smoke and fire and he thought to himself if anything looked like hell, this would be it.

Martin starts running and jumps from rooftop to rooftop feeling like some comic book hero. He is nearing his home and he starts fearing the worst. He was trying to prepare himself if he could see his own family dead. He stops at a tall building and he can see his house from there and he closed his eyes and started thinking on all the times he spent with his family, from those memories he gains power. His eyes start shining light and lightning strikes from the sky above him, the electricity around his arms and legs spark stronger than ever and he starts running fast and takes a huge leap in the sky, so high that he reaches the dark murky sky and lightning bolts in the clouds that strike around his whole body elevates him as if he was flying with the lightning.

He falls on the street in front of his house and he can see it all ransacked. The windows are broken, there is plasma burns around the walls of his garage and the steps to his entrance are cracked. He takes small steps forward while his eyes turn to red as tears run down his eyes.  He walks up the steps and the front door has been knocked down. He takes a look at the terrace gate on his left and he sees his dog’s torso disintegrated and he falls down to the floor. He crawls more and the living room furniture is on fire, there’s smoke around the house but it’s enough for him to see through. He tries to regain some strength to stand up but he falls to the broken wall and closes his eyes. He is silent; he cannot make a single sound with his voice. He walks to the family room where he sees his mother and grandmother dead and mutilated on the floor in a puddle of blood.

Martin immediately falls to the floor and grabs his mother and holds her to his chest. He cries hysterically as he holds his grandmother’s hand. Martin then hears a rumble in his room, the door has plasma burns all over it, and black coloured smoke comes out from his room. A tall humanoid alien comes out from his room looking at Martin with yellow eyes. Its head looked reptilian but it had no mouth, no nose nor pupils. Its whole body seemed like a silhouette, it had long legs and arms. Tentacles wiggled around from its back. Its right hand starts to morph into a spike and it makes a drone sound. Martin’s left hand starts to glow markings and his eyes shine a powerful light as he stands up and two blades of energy materializes from the sides of his hand to join a few inches in front of his knuckles.

The alien lunges forward with his spike and Martin dodges the attack and he shoots it with a lightning bolt and the beast breaks out of the house through the wall and Martin jumps out and runs after the alien with both hands holding energy blades. He makes a swift horizontal slash and the monster morphs into a bird and flies away from the attack. Martin summons a great lightning bolt form the sky to strike the alien and it too dodges that The monster morphs back into its humanoid form and attacks Martin with both hands as spikes and their weapons clash together and while Martin holds on against the beast their faces meet and he can hear the monster growl at him and open its mouth. A circular mouth filled with dark red spikes as teeth. Martin then breaks free from the stalemate and the monster grabs him by the neck but his hand is burned by Martin’s touch as that is what Fidulion told him about his function, no darkness can touch him.

As Martin recovers stamina he sees the monster screeching while holding its sizzling hand and that’s when he knows it is time to strike, his blades start blazing as he starts to run towards the monster and it quickly catches up. The monster vaults over Martin and morphs its hand into a sword slashes Martin but he deflects it with his blades as they clash. They are now in a duel to the death throwing wild striking circles with their energy based weapons, deflect jumps on the creature stabbing its very core and falling down on him and continues to slash and slice the monster even after it is fading away with the light of his might.

Martin is panting as he won the encounter with its monstrous foe, looks as the remains of the dark creature is fading from the ground but he could hear it still hiss at him so Martin gains all of his power and sends a massive bolt of lightning form the sky and smites it, eliminating any trace of its presence.

The young boy who yesterday graduated from high school is now a warrior of the light ready to change the reality.

The End

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