Two hours before the mass explosion…

Martin walks the highways with his sleeves all ripped up, the veins in his wrists look like they were burned from a fire but it was not a fire, it was the electricity he used with all his anger.  He dropped to the side of the road and started to throw up, his pupils now shine a light every five seconds and every time he used his new skill, "Ion vision" the veins on the side of his head next to his eyes started bulging and lighting up as if they were made of neon. Cars passed him by but nobody noticed him, he rolled down the side and hit a rock.

 He felt weak and his body changing, markings started showing all around his body, his muscles were tightening and growing he was becoming more physically strong.  He was feeling immense pain as his body was going through that metamorphosis, he tried crawling away from the road so nobody could hear him, but that was futile he started screaming yet the sound of the fast cars driving by drowned out the sounds. Electricity started sparking from his arms and legs, his clothes were being burned by the electric power he now possesses.

The veins around his body started showing as if they were light blue neon roots, his eyes were shining and he curled up into the fetal position. A circle formed around him, a circle of neon roots that started spreading around his skin and covering him like a cocoon and as soon as he was completely covered, the energy based roots turned to normal wooden roots. The ground all around started trembling, the sky above him started shining and he could look up and see the blue light explosions in the clouds. He could feel the explosions as if they were happening inside him. Then the roots covered him completely and in that very instance, the dark clouds were sucked in by an orb of light, from down the island it was visible to everybody.

The orb suddenly shrunk and appeared to be a spark and few seconds later it exploded into a huge array of teal coloured light covering the whole sky and from the epicentre shot down a beam that struck Martin in his cocoon. The roots were being burned as his body was being struck by the beam. There was an earthquake around the whole island and Martin was at the very centre of it and the beam pushed him down into the earth sinking him along with everything around him, the cars, the rocks, the trees, everything. Then a huge blue mass explosion occurred that blew everything near a sixty mile radius.

Everything is blank and Martin is floating around naked but covered in light blue neon markings. All of the sudden some sort of wisps swirled all around him, giving him some sort of clothing and then he could stand up in all that nothingness, from that the wisps flying around and leaving a trail of sparks started revealing the same pillars he saw before. He could hear the whispers again and the bird like being came out flying from above. It had long skinny dark brown legs and arms with some sort of relics hanging from its knees and elbows and it had three long fingers and its chest was full of feathers, its eyes were magenta coloured, serene with no pupils and from a few inches up were his antennas that were looked a lot like wings. He extended his arm lifting its alien hand, on its three fingers appeared a hologram of planet earth, with specific flashing dots around it. One in particular that was shining brighter than the rest was in Washington D.C. It began to speak telepathically with Martin, he was on his knees staring like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, wondering if this was all a dream.


“This is no dream young one” said the precursor, “I am Fidulion, watcher of this galaxy and guardian of The Luminauts. I have guided you throughout these days to finally have you here.”

Martin started getting on his feet and tried to comprehend all of this. He saw his reflection on the pillar beside him to his right. He lost all of his hair; he was wearing a gray hoodie threaded with hexagons, dark skater glove, black pants and trainers without laces. He had a scar on the right corner of his lip that crossed diagonally about three inches. His eyes sparked a blue light in his pupils. He noticed his body was slimmer and more defined. Even his face was different, similar to his original face but still different. He looked to Fidulion who was still holding his hand up with the projection of planet Earth.  Before he could think of anything to say, he noticed he was without a voice. He tried screaming up to the top of his lungs, but it was useless.

“Your voice needed to be isolated within the transformation for you to be without a song, Luminauts are rather dangerous with a song, but do not fret, your voice will return to you eventually. I believe you wonder if this is all reality but this is not a dream young one, all will be explained in due time. Now there is an impending danger headed for this planet and you are the only one that can change the tides.” The angelic being holds up its other hand and projects a beastly creature of four legs and with an egg like orb for an eye.

“This is an Ips, a very insidious being out to consume the universe with darkness; our race has been at war with these being since after the first clash of darkness and light in the creation of everything. They feed from envy, anger and fear. They almost always attracted by the beautiful things and they have taken aim for planet Earth.” The projections then fade from his hands as he raises his hands to the sky and then they begin to shine light from his hands and leave a trail of sparks from that light.

“You must take to the land of the free, go to its very heart and activate the tower of Ishar, from that point on you will know what you must do. There are those looking for you who want to harness your power from within, but they know not what dangerous things are hidden inside you. You are a Luminaut, the very last of your kind, we preserved you and taken the upmost care for you, shifted the stones of your path so you can finally reach what we have so deliberately strived for. Only you can shift the tides of light and darkness and bring balance, we created Luminauts from pure light of the Makers so you can travel to Dark Space and confront the Ips and strike its core since the darkness cannot touch you. You will do his from the tower of Ishar” Fidulion then crouches down to the ground and all sorts of markings appear on the floor. Martin, gazing upon its divine light, takes a few steps back and looks into the circle that the pillars surround.

These markings show the cycle of Martin’s life. It shows the past and future, since the day he stepped into elementary school up to the moment he realizes his true potential, but it only ends at the point where he reaches a tower, presumably the one Fidulion told him about. He wonders if this is where he dies, but he knows this is bigger than him. He reminds himself that his enemy feeds from fear and so he takes and readies himself.

Fidulion rises from the ground and spreads his small wings and speaks to Martin, “Take flight young one, may the Makers protect your light, may they give you the strength and courage to shine on and may the enemy feel your light.”

That said, a strong mist fills the area as everything turns white again and Martin is transported back again into his world. He wakes up on a small piece of ground standing in the middle of a huge crater. He finds a new set of clothing, a grey strapped on suit with a small bag tied to his waist and a small hood. He takes a look on his hand and its sparks lightning as he closes his palm into a fist. His journey is just beginning.

The End

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