The sun is setting as a military aircraft marked Seraph Inc. flies over the Atlantic in search of Martin Umpierre.  The soldiers inside are being briefed on their operation, their superiors giving them orders to keep the boy they claim their test subject alive. Among them sits Sergeant Clint Anders, a man who has been trained specificly for supernatural situations.

He always had a look about him of getting the job done. He had a bald head, green eyes and a freckled face yet his body has endured extreme physical training, he admited into the company after surviving an operation gone badly in Afghanistan. He felt he needed to put his abilities to good use so he came to Blacklight Company. He puts on his helmet and picks up his rifle and approaches his superior.

"Sir, may I ask what is so important about this boy?" the sergeant asks the general.

"Well, son" replies his commanding officer while showing a picture via satellite of the damage Martin caused in the theatre , "This boy is a danger to this planet, even though I'd love to make things easier and just put him down we need to take him back to HQ for a... special project our scientists have in store for him."

"Special project, sir?" he asked with a skeptical look on his face.

"Yes, this boy is just an asset in the real goal" he points a spherical artifact sealed away in a transparent container. "We need to unlock the secrets behind that thing and this boy is our best chance at it." the commanding officer then sends the sergeant to his position where he will wait further orders.

The artifact the Commanding Officer pointed at glowed a blue light frequently as they got closer to their target. Anders walked towards it out of curiousity to take one more look at the sphere. It had strange carvings around its platinum exterior that looked like stars and planets. Everytime the sphere started glowing, the sergeant could see lines cross around the sphere like shooting stars. At its centre was something that looked lie a blue flame. The more Anders stared into it, the more he felt threatened as if the sphere was warning him.

The sergeant returns to his post later on and sits down and rest. All around the aircraft were soldiers talking about the strange sphere, about "The Director" and all sorts of different chatter. Men were talking about how they are excited to step into some action and the others were concerned about their families. All Anders could think about was the sphere, what it really was, what its meant to do and what the thing he was out to extract have to do with it.

All of the sudden everything started shaking, soldiers were screaming, "turbulance!" and others were thinking it was an enemy attack. Anders knew better, the skies were clear and his known enemy is no where to be seen. The Officer speaks over from his quarters that there is not threat that they are flying into rough winds. "Rough winds?" thought Anders, "Just a minutes ago we were told we were going to have a smooth landing." He thought something was up. The Commanding Officer and several other men in elite uniform walked over to the cargo room.

"Are you sure the thing is unstable?" asked the Officer to the man on his right arm.

"Positive, it's spark is reacting to the boy's  energy signs. He is emiting some sort of distress signal." replies the man in a scientist's coat.

"Is he aware?" asks a man in shades

"I do not think so, it was just a while ago that he finally responded to the Lumisphere there isn't a way he could have realized by now."

The sergeant begins to wonder what is the Lumisphere they were talking about, they enter the room and the sergeant sneaks behind them but they close the door shut without realizing he was there. He had a clear view of what was going on through a small window on the door, the man in the coat was opening the container and grabbed the sphere wearing thick rubber gloves. The sergeant  watches as he wonders what is happening. All of the sudden the man in shades appears on the window and opens door to take him inside.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" the man with shades points a gun at his face.

"Woah woah woah take it easy!" Anders exclaims as he lifts his hands laying on the floor.

"What were you doing Sergeant?" his commanding officer looks at him with a stern look in his face.

"I was just.." the scientists cuts him short and tells the Officer "Uh sir, we have a problem."

They all look back to the scientist who dropped the sphere. It started emiting soundwaves and it was vibrating so hard they could feel the floor shake. The sphere let out a huge electric bolt at the scientist desintegrating him in an instant. The sphere shoots electricity at all corners of the room. One of the armed men dodge one of the sphere's blast. It then sends out a shock wave that sends the men all against the wall.

 The plane starts to rumble incredibly. The sphere turns into a huge ball of white light sucking everything in the room. Anders regains conciousness and watches as his superiors get sucked into the light orb, he grabs on to something as he himself is sucked as well. As his grip starts to weaken, he can hear all his men outside screaming, something is out there.

He can hear warp sounds until the sound of the great light orb drowns out everything else. As he looks down to his demise, he watches as a hand streches out and grabs his leg. He tries to shake it off but it is too strong. Finally he lets go and he consumed by light. The whole orb grows until it torns the plane in half and it is consumed by light. The events can be seen in the clouds from down the island.

Then the orb starts to shrink into a small sphere and it explodes a huge wave of energy even blowing away all the clouds. The whole island has been blacked out. A huge beam from the epicentre of the blast shoots out into the ground. All sorts of lifeforms fly down from the core. The beam then starts to fade and from the very core of the sphere, it shoots out a huge wave of blue energy out into the whole world and from the satellites it looks like a huge eruption reached to the stars and the wave covered the planet completely.


The End

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