One young man finds his true calling as the forces of darkness lock their grip on his planet.

It is a sunny morning in a small island in the Caribbean where young Martin Umpierre prepares of his graduation. There's tension in his home as his mother and grandmother walk around the house getting ready while Martin sits idle by his couch. He is nervous, recently broke up with his girlfriend, he thinks about seeing her soon as a graduation gift. They live in two different places in the world but he didn't care, all he wanted was to see her, he couldn't wait to see his sweetheart who he still has mutual feelings for but something has been bothering him.

He has been seeing visions of strange worlds and a marking, thinking it was his wild imagination running free he ignored the fact that he might be going insane. He has been listening to voices as well but he thought it was the stress of graduating and moving to a new school. As he starts to fall asleep in his very own couch his mother wakes up urging him to go wait in the car. A lot of things went through his mind, when his grandmother told him about his gift to go to see his ex-girlfriend. His father also gave him a conversation on how life has unexpected turns and twists. He can't shake any of these thoughts off, but who could blame him?  He hadn't slept the whole night because the visions kept him awake. The voices started hissing to him but he couldn't understand anything he was hearing. All he could do is stare at the roof while lying in his bed, looking at his cell phone constantly t know what time it is, he could do anything but sleep.

He wakes up in the car looking at his mother driving and his grandmother talking on the phone. He looks to his right through the window and notices a strange spark, the first thing on his mind was the sun, but the spark was teal coloured. It was waving around as he passed by everything in the locomotion. The spark started pulsing and it grew and grew until it flashed. He looked around and everything was blank, there were no cars, no mountains, nothing. He couldn't even tell if he was standing or floating, he can only tell that there are two white pillars with strange symbols. He looks around and tells that there are pillars around him and all of the sudden his hands start glowing, he sees something walking towards him and he could tell what it was. It looks like a bird with bug eyes, long legs and arms and hit had something he can make out as wings.  It speaks the strange things he’s been hearing lately and everything starts to show colour.  The pillars have teal coloured markings of these bird-like beings that appear to be praising a huge sphere but they were not the only things in the pillars, to the lower part of the pillars were red coloured markings of beasts coming out from what looks like a halo, a portal.

All of the sudden all the images stop and Martin is back at his car in front of the building where he is going to graduate. At that moment it made sense to him that it was all a dream but he started wondering if meant something.  He got out of the car walking with his mom and grandmother, they have always been his source of encouragement and support but this time he felt like this was something he had to keep to himself. He met up with his great grandmother and his distant American cousin, Mathew. As they were having conversation, Martin had a blank face, almost dribbling, from not getting any sleep until he heard the sound of the megaphone calling out to all the students. He was a high honour student, always getting good grades and making sure it stays that way and now he graduates from his ninth year of school. He is fifteen years old and has gotten far for a teenager his age. Even so, he never had that much of an exciting life, he was just plain old' Martin. To everybody he was a strange boy, always kept to himself but when he shared with the rest of his schoolmates he comes off as a joker. Talking about the strangest things he found amusing and making a witty remark about it. He didn’t have many friends, he wasn't the most popular but deep inside, he was special. He knew he was but always tried to deny it due to his modest tendencies.

The parents called everyone to get pictures; Martin covered his face because the flashes of cameras always irritate him.  The math teacher, known to be a funny man himself, arranged them in two lines, one line for the girls and one for the boys beside the girls. The math teacher signaled them to follow his lead and he lead them to the theatre room where all the students receive their certificate on stage. Morgan used to be in acting class so he felt a deep discomfort with the fact that he's going up stage in front of six hundred people. As all the students sat down the principal walked up the stage and everybody began applauding, all except Martin. He could see everybody whispering to each other, the principal giving a speech by the podium but he could hear nothing. All he could hear were the last things Mary Ann said to him, all he could think about was her and his strange visions. 

The principal starts calling out names and the students walk up the stage to receive their certificate. A drone sound started erupting from the walls; to everyone it was just a helicopter passing close by. It did not interrupt the ceremony, until Martin walked up to the stage. As he approaches the principal to be given his certificate, he hears a hissing and he tries to make sense of what's going on and he finally understands. He understands that the voices are saying, "Run" and he shakes his head and sees the principal giving him his certificate.


"Did you say something Mrs. Flowers?" he asks.


"Have a great life Martin, I know you'll do great." she replies with a smile on her face.


Before he gets a chance to walk back to his seat, the drone sound starts erupting even louder from the walls and then armed men storm the theatre room from all the exits and other rappel down from the sky as the ceiling is ripped apart by some sort of super carrier. They come closer to Martin and shoot a dart at his neck, bringing him down on the floor to put handcuffs on him. There is panic in the room as the troopers scream out to the civilians that everything is under control. Martin's family run towards him but are held back by the armed personnel and he sees everybody exiting the building yet while he sees all of his friends running with their families no one turns back to see at their sedated friend. Martin is regaining consciousness and looks at heavily armed helicopters hover down at the scene and one soldier comes to him and kicks him in the face while he is down on the floor.

Suddenly he feels his heart beat strong, within every heartbeat he regains consciousness and his heart beats faster and stronger. He hears the soldiers' chatter on the radio to take him somewhere called The Spire. The soldiers are alarmed and Martin breaks free of his handcuffs surging lightning bolts from his arms. His eyes start shining a light blue colour and the men ready their weapons to fire at the subject they thought to be contained. He shoots lightning from his hand at a soldier sending him away flying. Soldiers start shooting but Martin dodges bullets as he attains agility and he starts shooting rapid bolts of lightning from his hands.

He feels a surge of power coursing through his veins, all he feels is his anger and then he takes a soldier by the neck and rips him apart. He kicks another soldier coming from behind with some sort of collar knocking him towards the wall. He tries to sustain himself until the helicopters fly by and ready their weapons. As the helicopters fire away their rockets, Martin feels a great power and cries to the sky. Suddenly a great blast of lightning strike the two helicopters breaking them in half and causing them to explode.

One helicopter hits the ground to his right while the other rolls down the room to his left. He looks around at the destruction and havoc he’s caused; he hears the whispers no more but a strange high pitched whine. His eyes shine a light blue spark around his irises. He sees the world differently now, as if every living thing appears to have roots inside coursing energy in his eyes. He takes a look at his hands and they have shine with when he uses his special vision. Suddenly images of a tower flash before his eyes like a lightning bolt to his brain. He hears the whispers clearer telling him to run, he knows not where to run until he hears the whispers say, “Ion vision.” He closes his eyes and uses his new gift, ion vision, and sees a trail of sparks leading a path in the air.

The whispers start telling him it’s now time to find out who he really is, what he has to do and how to do it. Martin now embarks on a journey he never thought would ever happen to be reality.

The End

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