Love Knows No GoodbyesMature

     After leaving the library Jake was silent for the longest time and for once I let him be. I could tell he was trying to intertwine our histories. He was also probably trying to figure out how Vladimir and my father were still alive after so many years. Or how Vladimir was still looking younger than ever whereas my father was so elderly looking and ready for his death bed. As we continued to walk I wondered as to what was going through Jake’s head, then he finally spoke. “If the daughter of Angel was white then...”, Jake trailed off in his sentence and when he went to continue I cut him off. “Then yes, Vladimir is the son of Lucifer. And... He fell in love with his cousin Josephine, and she convinced him to fight for her instead of against her. So Vladimir disobeyed his father and became one of the few demonic followers of his Aunt Angel.” I looked to my side at Jake, “Crazy shit right?” I said with a smile on my face. By the look on Jake’s face I could see he was still trying to put it all together. “Um... Yeah?, I guess that’s one way of putting it”, Jake said. I fought the urge I had to laugh, “Wanna know something else that’s crazy?”, I asked Jake. “Sure”, replied Jake. “Well, my father is Vladimir’s brother, and Lucy, their sister, is the one that took over their fathers’ position. Josephine is my aunt. Sadly, she’d dead and the only aunt I have left is Lucy. Disgusting woman she is.”, I shook my some at the end of my sentence, thinking of my aunt Lucy. “What about Cleopatra?”, I knew this question was coming someday. “She’s a distant cousin. Who was the white wolf before my father killed her, they both had different views of the world. But at the same time, I guess you could say she was also corrupted by the power that she held, so in a way, his killing her was really a blessing.” I had to see Jake’s face for that answer, and it had the writing of shock all over it. “Wow, just kinda changes a person’s view on history.” Jake said after he processed the information I had just told him. I could not disagree with him on this. “Defiantly does.”

     We crossed the street to get to his house on the other side. When we were in front of the house, Jake grabbed ahold of my right arm and pulled me into a hug. He hugged me tightly, and wouldn’t let go until a minute or so had passed. It was such a random act that it startled me. As if he knew something that I didn’t. When he finally let me go I starred at him, confusion was written all over my face. “What was that for Jake?”, I asked. “I just have a bad feeling about something in the future.”, Jake was looking around as though to look for bad guys in the bushes. “Um.. Okay?, why?”, Jake sighed and then looked me in the eyes. “Honestly, I don’t know Z. It’s just... an... unsettling feeling I have.” I could tell by his pauses he was trying to choose the right words.


     Three months have passed since that day, and nothing significant has happened. Jake had seemed to forgotten what he said, and continued to live his care-free life as usual. Only caring about himself, and I, with no other worries in the world. But I haven’t forgotten, I was always on edge since then. Always waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever would. This is why Jake’s main concern today was for me to relax. “Listen Z, it was just a weird feeling I had when I said that. People get them all the time, that feeling is gone now. Why can’t you just let it go, a have fun?” Jake spoke to with much concern in his voice. “Jake you know I’m not one to let things go.” I replied. Jake nodded in agreement as he said, “Sadly, I do.” I was late for my lesson because Jake stopped me to talk on our way to his house, “Alright then, well I’ll see you later I guess; since you made me later.” I said in a teasing, playful voice. Jake laughed at my accusation, “Seeya Z.”

     Jake walked into his house and I watched after him for a minute, I had to make sure everything was okay. Once I did, I began to walk downtown to meet up with my math tutor, Lenard. He had started tutoring me last month when I started falling behind in my class. Lenard was the exact opposite of Jake; supper skinny, wore thick dark framed glasses, skinny jeans mainly, and usually a band tee. Today he was wearing The Devil Wears Prada shirt. He was a freshman in college and is the biggest nerd there. But in my eyes, he was just adorable. I sat down in the seat across from him at the coffee shop where he had my lessons. “I’m sorry I’m late, have you been waiting long?” I sat my books on the table as I spoke. “Nope, I haven’t but if you don’t mind me asking... Why are you late today? Usually your always on time, even early at times.” I smiled at him and answered because I didn’t at all mind him asking, “Oh, I was walking Jake home and our usual talk took longer than normal. Ready to study?” I said the last part with a sarcastic voice but a smile still on my face. “Yeah.”, Lenard couldn’t help but return the smile when I did silly things such as that. We started to study, and I say started because it didn’t last long. Soon we were talking about Charlie Chaplin and how his movies were hilarious. The more we talked the more time passed, and before we knew it it had gotten dark out. So we said our goodbyes, this way I could get home at a ‘reasonable’ time for a teen. I sighed, closing my books and stuffing them into my bags as I did so. “Well, I guess I’ll see you next week Lenard.” He nodded his head then snapped it back up to look at me, “Actually Zahira I was wondering what you were doing tomorrow night.” This was a shock to me, “Tomorrow I’ma go hang with Jake... Wanna come?”. Lenard’s eyes darkened even though he was smiling at me, “Sure”. “Cool, we’ll meet you here say... Around four? Is that cool?” I asked. “Yeah, I’ll see you then.” Lenard walked away after answering seeming let down.


     Then next day after school, Jake and I waited at the coffee shop for Lenard. It was a nice day out so I didn’t mind waiting outside. Whereas Jake did not like to wait. “Where the hell is this guy? It’s 4:30 already.” Jake was asking impatiently pacing the patio back and forth. “Jake calm down, this is the first time you’ve been on time yourself.”, I couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, sorry that I want to meet the guy you’ve been hanging out with so much.”, Jake’s voice had a hint of jealously in it. “He’s just my tutor Jake.”, I replied. “Then why is he coming with us?”, Jake gave me his mister know-it-all look. “Cause he’s a nice guy, just stay open minded and you’ll get along. Trust me, kays?”, I placed my left on his should to stop him from pacing the patio. “And what if I don’t?”, Jake was honestly jealous. I could easily tell now. “Then you’ll deal. At least for now anyways”. Jake sighed and lowered his head a bit, “Fine”. Just then Lenard came walking up with a devious smile of his face. I don’t know if Jake seen it that way, maybe it was just me. “Sorry I’m late. I had to help my sister with something.”, Lenard stood in front of us now. “That’s okay, you ready to go?”, I asked knowing Jake was. “Well... Sure. What are we doing anyways?” “We’re going to her meadow.”, Jake butted into the conversation. His response caught Lenard by surprise, “Her meadow? I didn’t think people could own meadows”. “Well actually, people own land all the time unless it’s a protected area. And I don’t own it; I just like to go there.”, I said it in a stuck up kinda voice and immediately regretted it.

     When I turned from Lenard to start walking, the strangest thing happened. I could have sworn I seen darkness in him. I’m not quiet sure how to explain but I did not have a good vibe about this no more. I did not want to take him to the meadow anymore. I had a feeling that if I did something terrible would happen. “Anyways,” I turned back around facing the guys, “We’re not going to the meadow. We’re going to the Underground.” When Jake heard this his face turned into nothing but a smile, he was happy I remembered his favorite band, Mushroomhead, was playing tonight. As we crossed the street, Jake turned to Lenard and smirked. “Hope you brought money with you, and you better like the band.” Lenard pretended not to worry, “How much is it?”. “Just twenty bucks, thirty if your twenty-one and plan on drinking.”, Jake said and even though he didn’t like Lenard, you could hear the excitement in his voice. “Well hell, if that’s the case then I’ll pay for all our tickets then.” “No way, your not paying for anyone but yourself, we can’t accept your money”, I did not want to owe him anymore than what I already did for the tutoring. “Yeah man, we have enough money for our tickets. No need to throw your money away like that.”, Jake said. “Suit yourself then.”, Lenard said smiling... Devilishly, I swear. I did not have a good feeling no longer and decided to be on my guard. 


     When we finally arrived to the Underground, the place was packed. At least Mushroom-Head wasn’t on yet, there was just some local band doing the opening act. The band was decent, but not great enough to buy a cd off of. Lenard left us as soon as we walked through the doors to talk to some other people he knew. So Jake, and I went to join the most pit up front. After about five minutes of showing off, seeing as I was the only girl who would dare go into the mosh pit in the place, I went to the bar to grab a pepsi. Lenard was leaning against the bar and it seemed as though he was arguing with some guy. Our kind had a sense for danger, of course, but also a sense for other shifters. And the guy Lenard was now fully arguing with was a shifter. The man wore all black, a black shirt along with a leather coat, black jeans, and black boots. Neither of the guys noticed me behind them, and I tried to keep it that way. If there is anything I can say about myself is that I am not a noisy person. And out of curiosity I eavesdropped on their conversation, which wasn’t hard at all seeing as you had to yell to be able to hear the other person talking to you. “Dammit Lenard, you know we’re running out of time! Get the fucking girl to trust you already. We don’t have time these games your playing!”, my eyes grew wide when I heard the man but Lenard’s response is what really shocked me. “It would be quicker if that damn Jake kid wasn’t around her all the damn time. It’s like their fucking attached at the hip or something. And I’m not playing games.”, Lenard practically growled in response. I thought he was my friend, someone who I could trust, but I see it was no accident that he replied to my tutoring ad within a day. Defiantly not some edgar tutor ready to teach as he said when replying to it. Just then my own thoughts were interrupted by the man speaking again, “Then get rid of him. Do something, anything; kill him if you have too.” Those words swirled around in my head, and I began to become dizzy. “Get rid of him, do something, anything; kill him if you have too” kept running through my mind. I pulled myself together, even though those words were still going through my head over and over again. “Oh, I’m going to kill him alright, i’ve got it all planned out. He’ll be gone soon enough, and she’ll need someone to comfort her who she thinks is a friend. And that person will be me, and that is when I’ll bring her to you. Count on it, as long as everything goes as planned.”, Jake said with a laugh in his voice.

     After that I didn’t wanna hear no more, so I took that as my cue to leave. I did not even take my coke that I had bought, the only think I was thinking of was getting Jake and running away from this place. I walked through the crowd trying to keep my calm and not look panicked. I started out walking but when I looked back and seen that Lenard and his friend have split ways, I started to speed up until I was running. When I finally found Jake, I grabbed onto his right arm and started to pull him towards the exit. “The heck are you doing Z?” his face was full of frustration because I pulled him away from the front of the stage just as Mushroomhead was about to walk out, but at the same time confusion, and concern. “We have to get out of here, like now!”, I was trying so hard to keep my voice under control, but the panic I was trying to hide leaked out into my voice the more and more I talked. “But... But why?! Mushroomhead was just about to come out.”, Jake said as though he was a little kid. “Just trust me, please?...”, I was grinding my teeth and looking all around us to make sure Lenard or anyone else for that fact got to Jake at this point. “Yeah, okay, let’s go.”, I could hear the disappointment in his voice but I think his life is more important than seeing some band. So he let me lead him out of the club where Mushroomhead was performing. And as soon as I took my first step outside, I took off into a full sprint. 

     Jake was dragging behind me as I still had ahold of him without realizing it. He eventually just pulled away and did his best to keep up. We were running towards the woods and I did not even think about stoping until we at least got to the meadow. My heart was racing and I did not feel safe until we got there. I did not show Lenard where this was so I knew he wouldn’t find us here. Jake was so out of breath he ended up plopping himself down on the cool ground, exhausted. I him up to his feet quickly. “No. Put your hands on top of your head. It will open up your lungs and make it easier for you to catch your breath.”, I told him quickly looking all around. Jake gave me another confused look, “And you know this how?”. “Um... I ran track and cross country when I was younger. But that doesn’t matter at this moment.”, I said still on edge. “Oh, well that explain why your faster than your brother. And well anyone I know.”, Jake said with a smile on his face. Just as I was about to relax, I seen Lenard approaching the end of the meadow, and with him... Three other wolves.

     The wolves of none I have seen before. One of the wolf’s had all black fur but one white path right on the dead center of his chest, the second was a sandy orange color with a white lighting strike going over his right eye, and the last wolf was a brown color with a star over his left eye. The black wolf stood in the middle of the other two wolves. Lenard chuckled a bit before speaking, “Well, well, well... I guess making me look like the good guy is now out of the question now that you over heard my conversation.” As he finished that statement he raised his eyebrow, so I knew then that he knew all along that I was listening in on him. And that this was a set-up that other man had planned to happened. I did not stay in shock long, I instantly stepped in front of Jake to protect him. Even if I had to give my life, which is what they wanted, to protect him. Jake was slowing putting the pieces together, why I dragged him out of club so fast, why we ran far away as we could for just that moment, and why Lenard had singled me out to tutor. When Jake managed to put all the pieces together, his eyes grew wide, and he opened his mouth as to say something, but nothing came out. Jake could be the stupidest person at the worst of times. As quickly as possible I turned around, pushing Jake back a foot or two behind me so I could shift without hurting him. When I turned back around in my wolf form, my fur was all white, my eyes shining in the twilight, and I growled making sure to show my white healthy teeth at the competition. One of the wolves were so stunned at how beautiful, but yet threatening I was that he had took a few steps back. That is until Lenard kicked his butt to keep him from running away. I let out a howl so that my pack would hopefully show up in time to help me in this battle. I had to protect Jake. That was my only objective to achieve. 

     The three wolves fanned out around me, ignoring Jake, and all lunged at the same time. I quickly flash stepped out of the paths of the three, and they all clanked heads. I knew I was the biggest threat but did they think I was not trained at all? I mean really, I have to be highly trained in order to be ready to do great things and bring the people together one day. One at a time the wolves got up and shook their heads, and came at me again. The wolves then decided without even noticing it that they would come at me one at a time. This was two easy. One wolf tried to bit onto my neck, while the other a few seconds later tried to bit onto my left leg. While I fighting these two off, the third wolf snuck up behind me and sunk his teeth into my right hind leg. I yelped of course but I kept going on with the fight. With all the adenine running through my body I could not really feel the pain after a few seconds. I quickly wiped around and kicked him or her off my leg, lunging at their neck. And to my surprise I got ahold of their neck. I did not waste no time in putting pressure, I could feel the flesh tear as I did. Blood started to fill my mouth, and it just fed my rage even more. But as I about to rip their throat out, I caught a sight at Jake. His face was filled with terror, as though I was some monster, when I was the one who was trying to protect him. He should understand that right? While I was questioning myself Lenard came up behind Jake, and places his two hands on his head. I quickly dropped the wolf I had hanging from my mouth and charged at him. But he held Jake in between us. 

     I did not know what I could do because he had Jake. I could not attack without hurting him as well and probably more than I would Lenard. I growled, and then I noticed that the other two wolves had disappeared or had backed off. I glanced behind me for a moment to find that the pack was now standing at the meadows edges ready to help. But the two wolves had taken off. I turned back around with a grin on my face, but fear of what he would do with Jake. Just then I seen my brother, sneaking up on Lenard but I guess I ruined the surprise because Lenard’s ears had titled back as to hear behind him. And my brother happened to step on a stick just then, just great. Lenard looked me straight in the eyes and snapped Jake’s neck without a second thought. 

      I was so devastated that I did not move, and my vision was blurred by tears. My brother lunged at Lenard but he was to quick. Lenard side stepped and my brother tackled me instead. When we looked back up he was gone. I  remember crawling to Jake dead body that was now laying on the ground, and curling up next to his life-less body. I guess deep down I was hoping that if I stayed there long enough and shredded enough tears that he would open his eyes, and smile that goofy smile of his. But at the same time I knew that would not happen. Jake had died before he had a chance to live his life to the fullest. He had died before I even had a chance to tell him how I felt about him. Died before I could tell him that I love him...


     The pack had gathered around me and Jake’s body to see how bad it was. His body was laying there on the ground with his neck at an unmentionable angle, and I, covered in blood. I looked up at my father who was in front of me at the time with tears in my eyes. I remember how cold he had looked. He just nodded his head and the pack dispersed. My brother came up to me and laid his head on my shoulder. “It will be okay Zahira. We will get Lenard and those else who caused this. I promise”, John said in pity. I did not response to him because I was so upset, also because I did not want any one to pity me. After about twenty minutes the pack came back in their human form, and told me it was time to bury Jake’s body. I lifted my head to let them take his body, but I remained where we were laying. I laid there an thought about my revenge on Lenard, I knew that revenge right now would be just idiotic. The revenge which he deserves will take patience and a lot of planning. As they were finishing up the burial I got to my feet and walked away from the scene in front of me. I couldn’t watch them bury Jake’s body. And the look John kept giving, as if I was some orphan child. I just couldn’t take it. I needed, needed, to be alone.

The End

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