"!!" Before I knew what was coming, I was on the floor, no longer human. My last cry became a hopeless howl, and I could feel my claws digging into the earth, longing to sink into he who stood in front of me.

    But I held myself back, as I knew that if I killed him, I would never receive the answers I wanted. He gazed down at me mockingly. "Two years... and still not in control of your shapeshifting, Cecille? You should work on calming your nerves sometime..." Damn it, he knew I couldn't kill him, and he was rubbing it in my face. I managed to take enough control of myself to shift to the form of a rugged-looking young man.

    "Gareth, I will kill you..." I snarled, willing myself not to tear him apart. "I...I'm going to avenge--"

    My oath of vengeance was cut off as he flew into me, knocking me off my feet. "Ah, ah, ah! Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer! Don't you know that?" he taunted.

    Though I managed to stay in the form of the young man, I let out a feline snarl, wanting to rip apart his flesh. "Ridicule me all you want..." I reply, my voice filled with loathing, "But you will never get away with it..."

The End

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