As Shannon stood up a rustling came from the trees opposite. A fully grown wolf came out of the shadows and growled, low in its throat. This must be the mother! Shannon thought as she laid the cub back down on the ground near the new wolf.

The cub let out another whine, but this one was of fright. Shannon realised just in time that this was the thing that had hurt the cub. She glanced around and grabbed a heavy branch. Shannon raised it and brought it down on the new wolfs head with a sickening crunch.

The wolf slumped to the ground with a whine and then, with a twitch, it lay still and silent. Dead. Shannon kneeled down by the cub and silently vowed to protect it. She knew it needed both to feed and to be stitched up and heeled.

She would need milk for it, but not just any milk, wolves milk. She checked the the older wolf and found that it was female. She dragged the body to the wolf and tried to get the cub to feed. it raised its head and tried but didn't have the energy.

It was now shaking all over. Shannon looked at the wound but didn't have a clue how to do it.

The End

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