When young Shannon McGreggory stumbles on a barely alive wolf cub in a forest clearing, and vowes to protect it, she gets more than she bargained for.

Shannon McGreggory loved walking through the forest opposite her house at dark. Suddenly, through the dark trees ahead, she heard a loud, sharp yelping. Shannon quickened her pace and headed toward the yelping, tripping a few times on roots in the undergrowth.

She walked into a clearing which, surprisingly, was flooded with light from a full moon through a cloudless sky. The yelping was distinctly louder here. Shannon turned her head towards the centre of the clearing where there was a wolf cub lying down.

Its breath was coming in shallow, ragged drags. There was a large slash down its side which was bleeding heavily. Its eyes were only half open but it saw Shannon standing there and the yelping went down to a whimper.

Shannon walked up to the cub and crouched down. She used to have a dog and her mother taught her how to look after it and care for it. She turned its head towards her and opened its eyes. They were clouded and misty. Meaning it was blind.

Then Shannon checked the gender, it was a boy. She realised that the wound in its side had to be closed or it would bleed to death. Gently, and very carefully, she slid her arms under the cub and slowly picked it up. It whined and its head lolled.

The End

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