Sam's POVMature

She was by far the most beautiful I had ever set my eyes on and believe me, I've been out with many girls, but not as beautiful as her. Her brown curls, her red lips but her eyes, her green eyes told a different story. Filled with such fear.

I reached out my hand. 'I'm Sam, I haven't seen you around here and you are?' I asked. I had to say, the red plaited skirt really complemented her skin tone. She looked a bit uneasy so I thought I might cheer her up a bit. 'Can I just say that you’re so....beautiful' I smiled and with that she started backing away.

I didn't get it at all. What game was she playing. I put my hand on her shoulder, and smiled. Her eyes followed towards her shoulder then to my eyes. Suddenly she smacked my hand away. 'LEAVE ME ALONE' she screamed and with that, she ran. I was left feeling stupid. What just happened?

I knelt down to pick up my science book when I noticed that she left her book too. Though it wasn't just any ordinary book. It was purple with the word 'Secret' written all over it. I picked it up. 'Property of Mariah Grace'. I opened the book and there on the first book, was her picture.

The End

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