Mariah's POVMature

I begged my mother to go to an all girls school college however, they were all full.
It's been a full month since I started going to kings wood college. A mixed school. And already people have started rumours about me. They quickly picked up on the fact that I wouldn't let a boy near me. So they came up with a conclusion. I was a lesbian.
They started calling me this since last week. All of the girls would stare at me and stay away. They thought I was a freak. They thought they sussed me out.

I walked over to my locker and entered my pin. I swung open the door in anger without realising that there was a person there. 'OUCH' screamed a person as their books slammed against the floor. I shut the locker door and hurriedly picked up the books.

'Oh my gosh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-' I stopped. I was face to face with a boy who stared at me deeply with his grey eyes.

The End

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