She's The OneMature

Mariah Grace. She's probably the most beautiful being alive. She could get any man she wished. But to her, beauty is a curse. Not to mention her phobia; Of boys.

Follow the story of Mariah Grace as she embarks on a untold tale to keep the past hidden.

It's funny.
Everyone thinks that they can read you and suss you out in an instant, once you walk through the door. No one cares what happened to you, they just love tormenting. They are the kind of people you call the Predator. Whilst I on the other hand, Mariah Grace is the prey.

You see, I have a phobia. Of boys. I know what you're thinking, Dumb right? See that's what I mean about first impressions. No one knows who I really am. They don't even bother asking about my phobia. Though I'll tell you.

The End

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