Dr Dreyfuss,The Head Doctor, led both both Annabel and Lucas into his office. He sat them down and thought delicately about what he would say to the young adults. "I want full custody of the girls Doctor,can you make it happen? Whatever it takes" Luke asked with so much adrenaline running through his veins he thought he might explode.

"Well,there is the girls' auntie to consider,as she wants full custody also. And ,have you actually got room for children in your lives,especially vunerable children like Victoria and Lily?" Dr. Dreyfuss asked cautiously. Annabel shook her head enthusiastically while Luke got up and sighed heavily.

"We could make room,we could work it out,but I have to have them back in my life,we can make it work, I'm sure of it" By now he was leaning over the table in desperation.

"Okay,I shall arrange a custody trial but I don't think their aunt will back down very easily." The Doctor replied.

A smile suddenly appeared on Luke's face but dropped from Annabel,she was in a band,playing electric guitar,the kind of girl who doesn't like family life or children,an outgoing loud girl who wasn't committed to much,only her band and the expception of a man like Lucas

"Lu are you sure about this? We haven't really got enough room for ourselves and we're in so much debt right now,maybe we should wait?'  Annabel said hopeful to change his mind. Luke turned around to face her,still leaning over the desk "What and let Nina take them from us,not likely!,sort it Doc and get back to us with the date" He replies. And that was that. No gong back,the real thing.

The End

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