The Room

He didn't know what to expect when he got out of the car for the first visit to see his nieces. He didn't know how he felt either which made it worse for him. He had mixed emotions. Through all of the excitement he felt guilty for the fact he thought he didn't try hard enough to find them and anxious of the turn out of the visit.

His hands were shaking as he entered the large building and the part of the building he was enetering was divided into three rooms. The one to the right,the largest, was where both girls were supervised,tested and examined by the Head Doctor and a few nurses specially trained to deal with mental illnesses for children,just in case. It was both girls' bedrooms'. The second room on the left was the room where the doctor and nurses observed them from through a large window that they could see into but the girls couldn't see out of. The third room was the Head Doctor's office,the smallest office at that.

The confined bedroom in which they had stayed for the last few hours was one painted pink,with a boarder of flowers surrounding it. When Lucas opened the door after a thorough briefing about how to manage the girls,he saw horrible drawings the children had drawn. But every picture was surrounded with black moths,everywhere around the room you could see black moths appear on the walls and even on the floor. Lucas didn't know what to make of this so he closed the door and he observed with the detective and Annabel in a window outside of the room. "As you can see much progress is to develop with Victoria as she can't remember all of her English words, they have been through so much tragic in their lives but I must uncover about what they did out in the wilderness alone. I am to record video diaries of Victoria's progress and in time they may regain to become like you or me. But both Lily and Victoria still have one word they say all of the time. The word 'MAMA'

The Investigator explained to Lucas as he gazed at both of the girls. Lily in the far corner facing the wall and Victoria hiding under the bed. Both girls were vicious and dangerous,dirty and mysterious but to their Uncle,it didn't make any difference,he was going to put things right,give the children love,affection and attention,whatever the cost.

A few days past and it was finally time for Luke to go into their room and meet them properly. He nervously but determinedly opened the door and both girls crawled like lightening across the floor and hissed at him from underneath their beds. Luke slowly walked towards their beds which only made them growl. He sat on his knees at the foot of Victoria's bed and pulled out a pair of glasses. "Victoria,it's me,your Uncle Luke. Do you remember me?" He asked patiently. "When you were little you used to wear these" He said smiling and pointing to the glasses. "They help you to see things"  As he put them on the end of the bed she shuffled backwards. " I won't hurt you Victoria"  A few moments later she whispered "Dad?"

"No honey I'm not your Dad" he replied softly.

"Dad?" She asked again and she carefully placed the glasses on. He shook his head but despite this she leapt over to him and hugged him. He sighed in relief and they clung onto eachother like nothing else mattered for a few minutes,Lily still growling softly in the background.

The End

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