Over The Edge

Their Father wasn't seen that night but despite this, Victoria and Lily sat hand in hand staring desperately in  silence, at the  empty fireplace. Nightfall was upon them, but that didn't matter, they would wait the whole night, longing to see if their Father would magically appear again, in the same way he had disappeared.

He didn't.

Victoria and Lily were lost in the middle of nowhere with no sign of any life in the light but in the shadows loomed a darkening figure that was held in Victoria's mind, and soon it became clear to her that her and her sister were not in the shack alone...

Back in the city though, they were not forgotten, the girls' uncle, Lucas got a call from  private police officers telling him about the incident. Later that day headlines read on every news channel ' Murderer Kidnaps His Two Daughters'. Lucas never thought for a moment his brother could be a killer, not intentionally anyway but the focus was finding the girls as quick as possible. His determination kept him going for 5 years, hiring private police and investigators, searching the entire city, not an inch was not looked at or so he thought...

"Babe, isn't it time you let it go? I mean I get why you're doing this but you know maybe you have to be realistic they could be de-" Annabel, Lucas' girlfriend, was interrupted.

"No Annie, I don't want to hear it. I will find my nieces, however long it takes. Don't think that way ,I can really feel something good will come out of this. I promise you, we will find them and hopefully my brother too." Lucas protested. He would hear nothing of the word 'death' about the situation. It wasn't an option, he had strong hope and faith and always thought positive about it, even at hard times over the last five years. He felt as if Annie wasn't taking this seriously, after all she was 6 years younger than him, in a rock band and drank all the time, but he loved her for who she was and that's all that mattered to him.

"But don't you think you've looked for long enough, maybe we should just get on with our lives and you can stop wasting your money on-" She was interrupted again by a muffled voice on Lucas's walkie-talkie.

Lucas ran for the radio as soon as he heard the voice but knew instantly who it was. "Bill, come in Bill, what have you found?!" Lucas shouted down it. He waited in so much anticipation for the next few moments he almost forgot that Annabel was talking. "We have found a smashed car, looks like someone took a tumble off the cliff of the motor way quite a long while back and hang on. Joey... Joey what have you found?! Lucas we've found the girls, we're taking them to medical care right now" And with that the conversation had ended.

"Did you hear that Annie! I told you, I told you!" He shouted excitedly. Annabel stared at him with widened eyes. Underneath it all, she was happy for him, but the thought of sharing her home with two children she hardly knew and that could be potentially dangerous, made her feel sick.


The End

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