She's In The Walls

"Daddy,where are we going?" Victoria asked,a little nervously as her Father led her and her 1 year old sister,Lily to the car. He didn't reply as he hauled Lily in the back seat and he did not say anything as Victoria cuddled her sister as they set off.

"Daddy,y-you're driving to fast" Victoria squealed,clutching her sister close to her. She repeated what she had said louder, in which her Father shouted 'SHUT UP!",turning around. And in that one moment,he lost control of the car ,on the icy winter roads, and they tumbled off a cliff,plunged down 20 feet into trees.

The car has smashed completely at the front and everything was wrecked,especially the bonet. Victoria's Father said nothing as he got both of the girls safely out of the car,only a few lazy tears splashed down his face,but he wiped them frustratingly. "Daddy,my glasses are broken,and I'm cold" Victoria said ,shaking. He took both of his daughters hands and led them to a wooden shack but Victoria let go and hung back a little because a shiver went down her spine she couldn't ignore, as she saw a quick darkening shadow crawl past the window. Her Father had already reached the door,clutching Lily's hand. "I don't want to go in,someone's in there daddy" She cried.

"Come here Victoria" Her Father said soothingly. Victoria didn't moved,just stared at her Father as if he were crazy. "Victoria,come here now!" He said harshly,which made Victoria cautioulsly reach out for his hand once again.

As they enetered the small,broken shack,an even colder feeling came over Victoria. The short hallway was looming in pitch black darkness,as the rest of the shack was. There were no lights or electricity they found out asone by one  treaded carefully into the 'living room'. They could see there was no one there,despite the figure near the window.

 The walls were splashed with dry blood,the floor covered in broken wood and glass,not to mention the amount of broken furniture was lying around. Lily crawled to sit on the only free part of the floor that was safe,before the dusty fire place and Victoria went over to a large smashed window.

Her Father paced up and down the room,with his hands over the back of his head,tears now streaming down his face. His crinkled face blurred with the colour his cheeks had  turned. He left the room and started crying properly,falling to the floor,reaching for his pocket gun. "Daddy,there's a woman outside...her feet aren't touching the ground" Said Victoria,not sounding as startled as before.

A few moments later, her Father came back into the room,hiding the pocket gun behind his back,he knelt down in front of Victoria and said "You know I love you,don't you?" She nodded.

"But why are you sad daddy,did I do something wrong?" She asked. He shook his head and stroked her face,and through the tears he gave her a tiny smile.

"No darling,I have done something wrong,something I will out right" He replied. He took off her glasses and started crying all over again. "Turn around sweetheart,look outside" he spoke softly to her. As soon as she did this he pointed the gun at her,ready to shoot,tears still flowing.

But just before he was able to pull the trigger,something emerged from behind him. A loud click was made and her Father was dragged upwards and carried out by the darkness. Victoria turned around and as everything was blurred,she could only see shadows and then nothing. "Daddy? Daddy where are you?" Victoria asked the air. She went to the front door and it was wide open,but no sign of her Father.

The End

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