The Case of the Broken Hearts - Chapter 16

Without being asked, Elaine launched into an explanation of the events, as if confessing would lift a weight off her shoulders. “The security guard for my place told me that Simone Walters wanted to see me. He said that she seemed angry, and I figured that it was finally time that she found out and we had our confrontation. This way, maybe Samuel would finally divorce her and we could be together without having to hide anymore.”

“So I opened the door and right away she started screaming at me. We argued for what seemed like ages until she just stopped. She said to me that they would never get a divorce, that she would blackmail Samuel with photos of the affair, which could ruin his reputation. She said that with enough time, he would love her again, and that there was no way that she would hand Samuel over to me.”

“I hadn't expected that. I hadn't expected that she would be so cruel as to blackmail him. I couldn't let her do that to Samuel, so I begged her not to do it, but she just smirked and started to walk out. I panicked and I grabbed one of my trophies, which I then used to hit her on the back of her head.”

“She fell down and fainted. I knew that I wouldn't have much time, so I quickly grabbed a few garbage bags, and put her in them; so that the blood wouldn't spill onto my floor, you see. I then ran into the kitchen grabbed a knife, and before she woke up, I stabbed her in the chest.”

“The look on her face, it was so painful, but I did what I had to do, to protect Samuel,” Elaine clutched her face with her hands as she recounted the final, pain-filled look that was on Simone's face before it became the vacant face of death.

The End

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