The Case of the Broken Hearts - Chapter 7

Sheryl looked at the body of Simone Walters as the M.E. took out his report.

“Well, that stab wound was definitely what killed her.”

Sheryl looked away from the body and at the medical examiner. “Any idea what kind of weapon was used?”

“Yeah, from the shape, it looked like an ordinary kitchen knife.”

“So, the murder probably happened in the home of the murderer then.” Sheryl pondered. “The knife was probably used because it was the most convenient thing there.”

“Well, maybe,” said the M.E. as he put up an x-ray of Simone's skull on to the illuminator and pointed to the cracks on the back of the skull, “but she was also hit on the back of the head with something not long before she was stabbed. She was probably unconscious when she was killed.”

“She was killed after getting knocked out?” Watson repeated.

“Yep.” The M.E. took down the x-ray.

“Well, looks like she was killed by someone who hated her deeply,” said Sheryl, as she looked at Simone Walters' body again.

“Thank you for the report, doctor.” said Watson as he headed out the door.

“No problem, detective.”

“Yeah, thanks, doc.” said Sheryl as she followed Watson out of the morgue. “So, I guess we're going to visit Scarlet Investigations now?”

Watson took out his car keys and said, “Yeah, let's see what secrets Samuel Walters is hiding.”

The End

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