The Case of the Smuggler's Wife - Epilogue

The night had fallen. It was a few hours after the arrest of Brett Summers.

Marlowe sat on his chair behind his desk, drinking another glass of scotch. Sheryl, on the other hand, had made herself at home on his sofa, where she was eating candy, drinking coffee, and playing on her portable game console.

Sheryl's phone rang, and she answered it with a simple, “Hello?”

She listened for a little bit before responding, “Yes, I'm still in his office. I'll tell him, thanks Watson.”

Now a bit cheered up from the news that she heard, she put her phone away and announced, “They got Scotty back. They were also able to catch a lot of Brett's accomplices in the smuggling ring, including the boss, and Brett is going to testify.”

Not really cheered up, Marlowe stared at his glass of scotch before responding, “Good.”

Knowing that it was time to go, Sheryl finished her coffee and packed up her stuff. She was about to unwrap yet another piece of candy when she stopped.

Instead, she walked over to Marlowe's desk and placed the piece of candy in front of him. “I know you're upset about your client, Marlowe. I also know that you know that it wasn't your fault, but yet, you can't help feeling like you're to blame for at least a part of it. However, at least Brett is turning over a new leaf and Scotty is safe.”

Marlowe looked up from his glass. They stared at each other for a moment.

Sheryl broke off the stare and walked towards the door, “Good night, Marlowe.”

She walked out the door, leaving Marlowe with his drink.

Marlowe stared at his drink again, before drinking the rest of it in one big gulp.

Finished with his drink, he picked up the piece of candy that Sheryl left on his desk. He looked at it for a moment and smiled a little. Then, he unwrapped the piece of candy and ate it.

The End

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