The Case of the Smuggler's Wife - Chapter 10

“After Marlowe left the bar last night,” Brett recalled, “the boss called me. He told me that he had Scotty.”

“Why did he take your son?” asked Sheryl.

“He found out what Virginia was doing. He said that the only way for Scotty to be safe was for me to kill Virginia, recover the evidence, and then take the fall for him.”

Marlowe grimaced at the fact that his involvement had gotten an innocent child kidnapped.

Brett continued, “So I rushed home to find the babysitter tied up, and of course, Scotty was nowhere to be seen.”

“As far as the babysitter knows, the whole thing was just a robbery, she never saw them take Scotty. I convinced her that Scotty was sleeping upstairs and that I would call the police, so she left. I then used my phone to track Virginia's phone, we have this GPS app.”

Brett paused to catch his breath as he was about to tell the climax of his story, “I found her in that alleyway, talking to Marlowe. So I waited until you left, and then I went up to her...”

Brett paused again, as he recalled the last words that he said to his wife as he pointed his gun at her forehead: “I'm sorry, Virginia..., it's for Scotty.”

He closed his eyes, painfully remembering what happened that night, and told the detectives the foregone conclusion to his story, “And I shot her.”

The End

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