The Case of the Smuggler's Wife - Chapter 7

Watson parked his car in front of Marlowe's office and, sure enough, the three found a man waiting for them in front of Marlowe's Private Investigations.

Sheryl, Watson, and Marlowe got out of the car and walked up to the man. The man spotted them and walked up to Marlowe, “So you're Mr. Marlowe?”

Marlowe replied, “Marlowe is my given name actually, but yes, I am Marlowe. Good to see you again, Brett.”

Marlowe and Brett shook hands. Brett then gestured with his left hand (on which Sheryl caught a glimpse of a wedding ring) towards the door and asked, “Can we talk alone?”

“Sure, let's go in-” Marlowe began.

This time, it was Watson's turn to interrupt someone. Frustrated by yet another flagrant breach of procedures, he took out his police badge. “Alright, that's enough! You're coming with me, Mr. Summers. We have reason to believe that-”

In response to that, Brett Summers ran.

Frustrated by Watson, Sheryl asked with a glare, “You just had to do that, didn't you, Watson?”

The three detectives ran after their suspect, with Watson yelling, “Freeze!”

The End

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