The Case of the Smuggler's Wife - Chapter 3

Inside Marlowe's office, the vacuum coffee maker finished its duty. Marlowe poured himself a cup of coffee and leaned his back on the counter. He slowly enjoyed his coffee as soft jazz music played in the background. The serenity, however, did not last, as the voices of Sheryl Holmes and Detective Watson grew louder from other side of the door to the office.

Outside Marlowe's office, Sheryl and Watson were arguing as they approached the door.

"Look, Sheryl. I'm just saying that Marlowe might not even have anything to do with this. We should have sent some men over here to make sure that there is a connection first before wasting our time," said Watson.

"So, what you're saying is that your time is soooo much more precious than your men's time, right?" asked Sheryl.

"... No! I'm just saying that there are better things to do than picking out one random business card from the victim's wallet and following it!" said Watson.

"Look, Watson, we both know that Marlowe is well-known for handling cases that have some sort of underground connection. Don't you think it's best to get this out of the way first?" asked Sheryl.

"And we could have sent my men to do that! Besides, it's 9 in the morning, he's probably not even up yet!" argued Watson.

"Actually, considering what we know about him, I'd say that he probably didn't even sleep," Sheryl pointed out.

The two of them reached the door to Marlowe's office and Sheryl was about to open it, but the door opened first from the other side.

On the other side of the door was Marlowe, who greeted the two, "Good morning, Holmes. Good morning, Watson."

"Good morning, Marlowe," Watson greeted back.

"Marlowe!" Sheryl greeted Marlowe, and then she took out a piece of candy, "Candy?"

Marlowe stared at the piece of candy, and decided that it was too early in the morning, "No, thank you."

Sheryl shrugged and ate the piece of candy herself, then the three headed into Marlowe's office.

The End

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